Selective Memory: 10 Celebrities Who Did Awful Things That Everyone Ignores

Celebrities hold a unique position in society, with their fame often shielding them from the consequences of their actions. While their talents and achievements may earn them adoration from fans worldwide, there are instances when these famous figures have engaged in appalling behavior that goes unnoticed or unaddressed. It is a disheartening reality that some celebrities who have committed horrible acts are able to maintain their status and popularity without facing the full extent of accountability.

1. Dr. Dre

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The first user brings up an incident involving Dr. Dre, mentioning that he physically assaulted a reporter named Dee Barnes in response to a negative story. The user acknowledges that Dre might have perceived the story as negative and adds that both Dre and Eminem made jokes about the incident, referring to Dre as “The man who slapped Dee Barnes.”

2. Andy D

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Andy D's controversial behavior is highlighted by an individual, noting his involvement in numerous assault incidents. They specifically mention an incident where D's actions allegedly influenced Phil Hartman's wife to relapse into drug use, resulting in her tragic act of murdering Hartman while under the influence. Despite these serious allegations, the user expresses surprise at the lack of significant consequences for Andy D in the #MeToo movement. They observe that his actions are often dismissed as if they are expected or deemed characteristic of his persona.

3. Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise's involvement in Scientology is pointed out by a commenter who expresses surprise at the praise he receives, particularly on the r/movies subreddit. They emphasize that people seem to have forgotten or chosen to overlook Cruise's association with Scientology. They highlight the disturbing actions and reputation of the organization, including allegations of imprisoning individuals until they conform, engaging in illegal activities like rape and murder, and exploiting their religious status to evade taxes.

4. Luis Fonsi

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A contributor shares a disturbing aspect of Luis Fonsi's personal life, revealing that he was married to a woman battling breast cancer. Throughout her chemotherapy treatment, Fonsi was absent and did not provide support. Shockingly, when his wife underwent a mastectomy, Fonsi reportedly expressed disinterest in her as a woman, ultimately leading to their divorce.

5. Bill Murray

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Bill Murray, a beloved celebrity figure, is the subject of a disturbing allegation brought up by a respondent. They claim that Murray was involved in domestic violence, allegedly beating his wife on multiple occasions. According to the user, Murray's wife eventually divorced him in 2007, suggesting that these incidents significantly impacted their relationship.

6. Marcos Alonso

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Marcos Alonso, a football player for Chelsea FC, is involved in a concerning incident raised by a participant. Allegedly, Alonso was driving under the influence and was involved in a fatal accident. He was reportedly driving at 70 mph in a 30 mph zone, with a blood alcohol level of 0.93 mg. The incident tragically resulted in the death of a 22-year-old woman. The user expresses disappointment in the punishment handed to Alonso, citing a $67,000 fine and a 40-month driving ban as the final consequences.

7. Woody Allen

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Woody Allen's concerning past is the focus of a user's concern, highlighting disturbing facts about the famed filmmaker that can be easily found through a simple search.

8. Gordon Ramsay

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Another user in the thread recalls a memorable Gordon Ramsay event where he famously slapped two pieces of bread on either side of a person's head, playfully calling her an “idiot sandwich.” The incident, filmed on television, garnered attention and became a significant moment in Ramsay's career.

9. Jimmy Savile

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Jimmy Savile, a well-known television and radio personality from the 1960s to the 1980s, is mentioned by a commenter. Following his death in 2011, numerous charges surfaced, revealing terrible truths about his actions. Subsequent investigations validated most of these charges, exposing his life's previously unknown dark side.

10. Johnny Cash

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An incident involving Johnny Cash is remembered by another user, where his truck allegedly caught fire, leading to a large area of a forest being burned. Tragically, this event had disastrous consequences for an endangered bird species, as the fire significantly reduced their population.

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