10 Simple Joys Taken Away by Price Increases

The costs are rising daily, and the decrease in salaries makes everyday items expensive for many people worldwide. Needs like shelter and food remain essential. The items such as magazines are extra purchases. People listed these items that are now much more expensive to buy on an online platform. People need to stay on a tighter budget to survive. 

1. Ice-Cream

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Ice cream is on this list for more reasons besides just how much it has increased in price. It results from ice cream manufacturers increasing costs, reducing product sizes, and using air. Container sizes are smaller than before. It happens on a vast scale all over the world. Several businesses add extra atmosphere to make ice cream soft and use fewer ingredients. 

2. Cable Television

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The cable has become old, and people are not interested in paying for channels they don't watch. The prices of lines are also increasing day by day. People feel they spend money, and no actual service is offered in exchange. People are fed up and are cutting the cord. Fees and taxes are increasing and not worth it. 

3. Streaming Services

Woman watching tv
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These online services took a good start but now have become a terrific way to watch your favorite shows while saving money. There are different packages for each network, so you have to join up for various streaming services. Individual sign-ups are required across other platforms to gain access to services. And then there are the ongoing price hikes. The best way is to buy CDs. They are way cheaper and are a one-time purchase. 

4. Concert Tickets

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Cheap concert tickets are no longer available to the public. The big names in concerts control nearly 70% of the market. There are other factors in the high cost of concert tickets. Ever-changing pricing is the reason. These businesses use algorithms to update their prices in the market based on demand. Increased demand causes prices to rise. Few people are interested in attending concerts because they cannot afford them. Some objected to the high cost of food. 

5. Potato Chips

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Potato chips once ruled over all snacks. It was highly in demand. Due to the rise in prices and decreased quantity of chips inside the packet, people have stopped buying them. Moreover, the size of the packages also has been cut off, adding more air to the packaging. People are furious about such production decisions. 

6. Lift Tickets

People skiing downhill at Winter Park Resort in Colorado
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Skiing has always been a costly sport to participate in. But many people complained that the cost of lift tickets had gotten out of control. They are still unsure if this is due to inflation, a shorter ski season due to warmer weather, or a mix of the two. Whatever the case, most consumers have reduced the number of ski excursions or hunted for discounts to reduce the cost. 

7. Books

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Traditional entertainment will cost more as well. There is a lack of physical books, publishers are saying. Sales of books rose much in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period last year. However, prices rose due to paper shortages, labor issues, and transportation issues. Check websites to read novels online for free instead of paying crazy rates for your fill of fiction. 

8. Makeup

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Many people showed their concerns about how expensive cosmetics are. Some people have started purchasing store brands to save money, although the outcomes could be better. Some people have stopped using makeup as a result of this. People believe one should cease wearing makeup and focus on making their skin look better. An excellent vitamin C serum can balance out discoloration and make skin sparkle. The new standard is to spend money on skincare. In the long run, this may result in some financial savings. 

9. Phones

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The phone prices have been touching the sky recently. Every time a big improved version of their flagship smartphone, the price is increased by hundreds, so sales go down. More consumers are keeping their existing phones because new phones are now above $1,000. Paying this much for a few extra megapixels is a complete waste of money. Your eyes will only be able to tell the difference. Little to no difference in the interface is made.

10. Cereals

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Another product that has suffered price increases is cereal. Prices are too high whether a person is looking for a sugary, non-nutritious cereal or a better one. The good news is that there are some tactics. Retail brands taste just as nice and are less priced. They are no longer as good a deal as once because the costs here have also risen. Some suggest the brilliant notion of skipping breakfast.

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