10 Normal Everyday Things That Feel Like Scams

Society is a complex thing. On the one hand, it emphasizes a particular set of ethics and value. On the other hand, intentionally or unintentionally, it tended to normalize certain practices that reveal themselves scam upon a closer view. A few things listed below are normalizing scams account of people on an online platform.

1. Subscription Service

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Replacing a one-time purchase with a subscription is a scam. You have to pay every month for the same thing. As per the account of many people, companies like Adobe randomly deactivate accounts on contexts of money that they label as subscription charges. That is usually disturbing for a person. But as it is valid by society, people are forced to use this trend.

2. College Textbooks

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As per many students' accounts, buying textbooks is not valuable for many reasons. Firstly, these books are often don't related much to the syllabus. Secondly, students can do well by reading notes and online viable stuff. But many university professors and departments force students to buy these books to sell their new editions.

3. Payday Loans

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It is a short-term unsecured loan with a high-interest rate. To get this, the borrower writes a postdated check to the lender and receives cash on interest. These loans are typically used by people in desperate financial situations and result in a cycle of debt if not managed properly. Despite pitfalls, society normalizes them as quick and easy solutions to short-term financial needs. 

4. Health Insurance

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These are provided for ease of people. But health insurances often fail to help people suffering from dental, auditory, and vision issues. Also, people who need it most can't afford it and are effectively discarded by society. Along with that, this insurance has nothing to do with mental health. As a patient shared his experience that a brain tumor suffered him. He thought it was a personal failure and looked psychologist session cost $180. On that realized that his insurance is nothing to do with his life; he should go off and die.

5. Ads on Cable TV 

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According to many perspectives, running ads on paid cable is unfair. Because people pay only to entertain, not to watch ads, it may make sense to run ads on non-paid stuff, but in the context of paid cable, it is a scam. But as it is often normalized by society.

6. Diamond

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According to the perspective of many, buying diamonds is a scam. They don't do anything at all. Unless an expert, nobody can notice a natural diamond. The only reason behind its demand is some social norms. A person shared that he doesn't know why diamonds are worthy. Unlike other prettier stones that cost cheaper, these are not colorful or have nothing going with them except spark.

7. Wedding Ceremony

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From the perspective of many people wedding day celebration is just a social scam for spending so much on a single day. Also, it is exhausting. According to one respondent,                        

 it's better to get a wedding in the courthouse, pay money for family, and fulfill other necessities.

8. Mandatory Tipping

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The tip means adding a little bonus for an excellent job if you are pleased with something. But it is mandatory in some countries here, and the employee's salary depends on tips. But it is not fair. The owner must pay its staff rather than the customer. It sometimes makes a person pay a tip whether they like something or not. But they do it because of social norms.

9. Pyramid Schemes

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As per the account of the majority, these are fraudulent investment schemes. These schemes claim returns for recruiting new members in it. They mention it as a legitimate business opportunity, and participants are encouraged to buy the method to get a commission for recruiting others. However, the scheme relies on recruiting an ever-increasing number of participants. It is ultimately unsustainable, and the majority will end up losing money. Though it is illegal in many countries, identifying and prosecuting them is difficult. As it can quickly normalize by society because of its superficial neutralism

10. Clothing Brands

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A person shares his experience that branded clothes are usually made of the same fabric and leather as local. But they are too expensive due to just the brand logo. Many still buy them as these brands are the signature of wealth.

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