The Psychology of Gaming: 10 Ways Video Games Impact Your Brain

The first time when video games came into being was in 1958. That said, video games have been out there for quite a while now. As of 2022, the global video game industry is worth an estimated $347 billion—and it's certainly on a howl.

We know it's a huge market, but what benefits does gaming provide? Most people think it's a total time waste—but is it? Let's find out, shall we? Let's discuss some ways video games impact your brain.

1. Hand & Eye Coordination

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Video games have a significant impact on the brain related to hand and eye coordination. Personalized First-Person Shooter (FPS) games improve the player's coordinative abilities, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

The Personalized/Adaptive FPS gaming experience may help speed up the learning curve of the action video game player. Furthermore, it can also enhance future possibilities for betterment in the field of rehabilitation in clinical populations.

2. Enhancing Teamwork

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Video games are a fantastic way to scale in teamwork and companionship. Many of the incredible variety of top multiplayer games require a great understanding of collaboration and teamwork.

When people with shared interests come face-to-face in the multiplayer gaming world, they have the potential to form positive relations. A prosocial interaction is created among them, both in and outside the game, which leads to the brain learning social skills and the ability to work with others in a given environment.

3. Induces Creativity

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Indulging in activities that give way to learning new things positively impacts the brain. Games incorporating exciting storylines and gameplay mechanics allow gamers to develop Creativity as a habit.

Not only that, but video games also improve one's problem-solving skills. For example, Puzzle games increase one's logical thinking and pattern recognition. At the same time, Adventure games foster imagination and storytelling ability.

4. Boosting Self-Eesteem

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Good games require a great sense of mastery, too. While attaining knowledge of a specific game is a daunting task, it is just as rewarding. Video gamers develop a strong sense of mastery. This cultivates a high level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Therefore, investing in challenging games may prove worthwhile. Racking up levels means you are good at a game, which gives you the idea that you are good at a particular thing. It then results in higher confidence and better overall mood.

5. A Way to De-stress

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There are many ways to de-stress, gaming being one of them. Playing video games has been shown to work up more profound parts of your brain. The parts that improve the development of critical thinking skills are targeted when playing games.

In all the games one can play, there are levels, upgrades, and merits that, when accomplished, make you feel great. Achieving such goals and levels gives you satisfaction, which improves your overall Well-being.

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6. Physical Activities With Video Games?

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I am sure you must have heard of Virtual Reality (VR) games lately. These games allow you to be physically active and explore different gaming worlds.

Such VR games can help you keep an active and fit body. When you are physically indulged in a process, be it gaming, you boost your metabolism. Some hormones are also released that are good for your well-being.

7. Forming Connections

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We talked about developing teamwork and collaboration, and with teaming comes connections. There are as many gaming communities in the world as there are games.

A lot of multiplayer video games allow you to form positive connections with people of all sorts from all kinds of places. For example, I am an avid Rush Royale player and play with my clanmates daily. We also have a lot of fun discussing game updates and ruling out possible bugs in the game—therefore, healthy connections.

8. Educational Benefits

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Not all video games are action-packed magical underworlds or warzones with raging zombies everywhere. Many games provide a great ton of educational value to their gamers.

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Educational games present knowledge of history, geography, sciences, literature, and even maths in a fun way. Learning while gaming and having fun has an alarmingly serene effect on the brain. As quoted by Alfred Mercier, “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

9. Helping People With Disabilities

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There are a significant number of games that help People With Disabilities (PWD) to improve their brain health and functions. Games that involve critical thinking, creative decision-making, and more such activities help PWD to learn new things in quite a fun and exciting way.

When PWDs learn through fun and easy-to-understand games, their cognitive skills get better as they make decisions during gameplay.

10. Improved Mental Health

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Mental Health is a widely misunderstood topic that is becoming increasingly common every day. Video games equip the youth with immersive and compelling social, cognitive, and emotional experiences. These experiences have the potential to enhance mental health well-being in children, adolescents, and even more so in adults.

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