These Popular Parenting Trends Will Ruin Your Children

Parenting is a tough job, and no one is perfect at it. However, some parenting trends can do more harm than good, affecting children's mental and emotional well-being in the long run. Recently people shared terrible parenting trends that you should avoid at all costs. These trends can hurt your child's growth and development, from over-scheduling activities to being too strict with rules. Read on to learn more about what to avoid as a parent.

1. Protecting the Privacy and Dignity of Autistic Children

The first user warns against a terrible parenting trend where parents post videos of their autistic kids having a meltdown or even use them as props to get likes on social media. This is not only insensitive and disrespectful towards the child, but it also puts their privacy and dignity at risk. The user emphasizes that parents should protect and respect their children's privacy and dignity, especially regarding sensitive issues such as autism.

2. The Harmful Effects of Comparing Children

Have you ever noticed how parents often compare their children to others, like their siblings or friends? Well, one insightful user pointed out just how harmful this can be to a child's self-esteem. The constant comparison turns everything into competition and creates an unhealthy environment for the child. Parents must focus on their child's strengths and progress rather than comparing them to others.

3. The Importance of Allowing Children Autonomy and Independence

One astute user points out the trend of overprotective parenting, where children are not allowed to explore and make decisions independently. This person and their spouse allow their kids to ride bikes around their safe, suburban neighborhood but have been shunned by other parents who are too afraid to let their children have any autonomy. The parenting style mentioned above can impede a child's growth since they require the chance to learn and make decisions independently.

4. Exploiting Autism on Social Media: A Warning

Autism is a sensitive topic, and one user warns against a parenting trend that exploits children with autism on social media for likes and views. It is a common occurrence that parents take away the door of their kid's room as a punishment, but doing so when the child asks for privacy is even worse. This action only proves to the child why they need a door and can harm their mental health.

5. A “Crunchy Mom” Parenting Dilemma

A commentator voiced apprehension about their neighbor's daughter, who identifies as a “crunchy mom” and aspires to become an influencer. The woman allegedly forbids adjectives when speaking with her toddler or baby, believing children should discover descriptive words independently through exploration. However, the user needs clarification about how the children will learn words such as colors, size, or shapes, which require spoken words for comprehension.

6. Respecting a Child's Privacy and Empathy

Have you ever heard of a “crunchy mom”? A teenager expresses concern about their neighbor's daughter and her parenting style, which involves forbidding adjectives. They share that a terrible parenting trend is when family members spill private secrets and constantly complain or make jokes about their child when they gather. They also respond with a snotty attitude, which can cause the child to feel insecure and develop social anxiety. It's important to respect a child's privacy and treat them with kindness and empathy, especially in front of others.

7. The Dark Side of Overly Strict Parenting

Another person recounted their encounter with a childhood pal whose parents imposed rigid regulations. The friend was compelled to return home no later than 6 pm, and the mere sight of the clock ticking towards 5:52 pm visibly stirred up apprehension in him. Despite the reassurance that being two minutes late would not matter, the friend was still afraid of the consequences. The next day, the friend was no longer allowed to visit, and the individual never saw him again. This overly strict parenting style can lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress for children and even result in losing valuable friendships.

8. Unstructured Playtime: A Necessity for Children

While overprotective parenting may appear to shield children from harm, a commentator cautions that it can impede their progress and autonomy. The user shared their experience as a teacher, recalling how even kindergartners were deprived of playtime due to their busy schedules filled with structured sports, dance classes, and other activities. They believe children need unstructured playtime to foster creativity, social skills, and emotional development. Parents should avoid scheduling too many activities that can overwhelm children.

9. The Importance of Downtime for Kids

Another commentator in the thread advises against a trend of enrolling children in an abundance of programs in hopes of discovering their interests, as it can lead to an overwhelming schedule and heightened stress, leaving little room for unstructured play and experimentation. The commentator advocates for the significance of downtime in allowing kids to learn self-amusement and experience moments of serenity, which they believe is essential for their growth and development.

10. The Pressure of Success on Children's Mental Health

Growing up, success was the Holy Grail in the world of this user. It was like a constant companion, an invisible force that shaped every moment of their life. The ceaseless dread of letting down their parents and being branded a loser took a toll on their self-confidence and hindered their willingness to explore novel ventures.

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