10 Unrealistic Things Only Movie Men Do

The men of Reddit have compiled a list of things women see in rom-coms that men wish they would stop expecting them to do in real life.

1. “Anything With Airports”

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“You mean I can't walk through TSA security checks, without a ticket for that day, stop a plane from taking off by talking to the customer service agent, rush onto the plane without a ticket because ‘the woman I love is leaving forever'? One guy quipped.

2. “Be Charming and Attractive Despite My Many Objective Faults”

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“Be charming and attractive despite my many objective faults. Movie: can't get his life together, kind of a jerk, but is Matthew McConaughey. Real life: better get our lives together and not be such a jerk, 'cause we don't look like Matthew McConaughey,” one guy commented.

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3. “If You Say ‘No', Then the Answer Is No and I'm Going To Stop Trying”

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“I went from dating a girl who would say no and then complain about me not trying to “change her mind” to a girl who would say no followed by me trying to change her mind, only to get hit with “I said no, and that means no. Quit trying to persuade me.” Rough few years. Honestly, can’t let your girlfriend down if you don’t have one,” one guy said.

4. “Surprise Vacations/Travel”

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“‘”Hey honey Im taking you on a surprise vacation, you just have to give your job 2 minutes notice that you won't be in!'” one guy quipped.

5. “If You Are Interested, Say Yes, if Not, Say No”

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“The whole hard to get thing pisses me off…if you are interested, say yes, if not, say no…i am not telepathic…” one guy said. Another added, “I honored a girl's “wishes” when she was wishy-washy about wanting a relationship. Years later she told me that she was interested and I should have continued to pursue her.”

6. “‘Testing' People To See if They Actually Love You”

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“Recently ended a relationship very abruptly over this. got to the point where she would just start being mean to me to see if i would then go into remorseful apology mode and reaffirm to her that i didnt suddenly stop caring about her because she didnt feel i was texting enough or some arbitrary stuff like that. got one snarky comment for no reason and instead of taking the cue to beg her forgiveness, i just didnt want to talk to her anymore. she was so shocked and seemed to be under the impression that my love needs to be unconditional, regardless of how im treated. so many of those stupid tests. finally just decided she needs to grow up on her own and learn to be a reasonable partner with someone who hasnt already gone through and learned from that,” one guy shared.

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7. “Confessing Your Feelings to Someone Already in a Relationship”

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“That stuff irks me. Boyfriend's colleague knew him for all of a few days and had a couple work related conversations. She messaged him incessantly with no responses, then confessed her feelings to him by text fully aware he was in a relationship. I can't be mad at someone being interested in him, cause he's great and you can't help feelings, but at least respect what is already there. Not only was she unfazed by our relationship, but her own as well seeing as she had a long term boyfriend she was ready to throw away. It's not romantic, it's stupid,” one woman shared.

8. “Your Love/Relationship ‘Saving/Fixing' Him”

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“A friend of mine once put it this way: Girls want bad boys who are good just for them. Guys want good girls who are bad just for them,” one guy said. “This is probably the most frustrating thing I see. Your SO doesn't need to be perfect, but when the CONs outweigh the PROs, its time to move on. Continuing to say things like, ‘But when we're all alone, he's such a sweetheart' isn't a good thing and isn't healthy,” another person added.

9. “Reading Their Mind”

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“Reading their mind. I don’t know how you’re feeling or what you want me to do unless you just tell me. Or I’m really bad at reading people’s faces,” one person said. “I wish it was only reading her mind. I was with a girl who didn't know what she wanted but expected me to know. That's next level telepathy,” another guy added.

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10. “Cheating on Men Is Perfectly Fine Just as Long as the Woman Is Making Some Choice Who She Loves Most”

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“Or when someone justifies cheating on the breadwinner who is supporting them because they're ‘always working.' Yes, to support your rat kids and failing part-time Etsy business, you idiot,” one person pointed out.

“It’s like some girls have been conditioned to find excitement/passion from their current partner by cheating. Not all of them will do it maliciously either. Some will get slightly bored by their current relationship – maybe thinking that their current boyfriend doesn’t like them anymore for very minor reasons or something. Then, they don’t break up with their boyfriend, but instead sleep with somebody else – thinking by doing that will, their boyfriend will suddenly blow her away with endless romantic gestures in an attempt to win her over again. I knew a girl who basically did exactly that and it was mind boggling to think again, but at the same time it felt like it did stem from other areas,” someone else added.

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