10 Skills Most Men Don’t Have but Should To Attract Women

The Reddit community has compiled a list of skills that women say make men more attractive to them.

A Sense of Humor Paired With Being Able To Read the Room

“Humor + reading the room have to go together. “Saying what everybody is thinking” is only funny in the appropriate moment,” one user said.


A Good Cook

“A good cook. I love cooking and am good at it, which guys typically like, but I appreciate when a guy wants to cook for me instead for a change.


Staying Calm

“Staying calm. Men which stay calm almost 24/7 have such a attractive skill. I can‘t really discribe why but it is really attractive to me,” one woman said.


Genuine Kindness

One woman shared, “This. My partner was a kind coworker, he brought us all thoughtful little gifts one year and then after we started hooking up, he was very sweet to my elderly cat and now that we live together, he is an excellent stepfather to my two spoiled little dogs.


One person said, “Oh I do this to a fault. I find humor in everything, nothing is sacred, I know it’s a defense mechanism and I’m trying to tone it down, but it’s such a good defense mechanism.”


Finding Humor in Bad or Stressful Situations