10 Things Men Say Women Will Never Understand

Have you ever heard the phrase “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”? Well, sometimes, this cosmic divide can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings!

But fear not because the internet is here to save the day. Recently, some brave souls shared their perspectives on things that men claim women will never understand.

The Joy of Urinals: A Man's Perspective

The user explained that urinals are often found in public restrooms, making it easy for men to relieve themselves without waiting in long lines.


Sticky Situation: Dealing With Balls and Leg Sticking

Have you ever heard of the annoyance of sticky balls? According to one man's experience, it's a feeling that no woman could possibly comprehend.


Dirty Dishes and Observation Skills: A Misunderstanding Between Men and Women

It doesn't necessarily make him feel obligated to complete these tasks; rather, he views it as a shared responsibility to maintain their home.


“Nothing” Means Two Things: The Complexities of Men's Thoughts

It could either be a legit lack of thoughts or simply a reluctance to share the bizarre, space pirate-themed inner monologue currently playing out in their head.


On the other hand, women tend to give more detailed accounts of their day, including everything that happened, from the trivial to the significant.


In and Out: Summarizing a Man's Day in 30 Seconds