Husband Throws Out Diabetic Wife’s Gummy Bears

A man shared his story of not allowing his diabetic wife to eat what she wants.

We'll call him Steve.

A Doctor a Day

Steve explained that his wife is a type 2 diabetic and that it is genetic. He said that even though she knows she is diabetic, she doesn't seem to care.


She has been on medication that is pretty strict and limits certain foods that would raise her sugar levels. Steve said that the other day, he went to a shop and she went with him.


He bought what he needed and she followed him around the store. As he was paying, she told him she needed to go to the bathroom and will meet him outside.


When Steve was done paying, he went outside only to see his wife opening a pack of Haribos, which the doctor said she's not allowed to eat.


He ran over because she could open it and grabbed it out of her hand and threw it in the bin. She got angry and called him names and then started crying about how it's not fair that she isn't allowed to eat sweets.