10 Rules People Break in Secret

There are countless rules made in this world. But most of them are useless and hard to follow. The reason behind these regulations is often insane, which makes them of zero value in front of the public. Here are some rules that we secretly break without any hesitation.

1. Discussion About Salary

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Whether or not you have entered your professional life, you must have heard that employees should not discuss their salaries. But this is the unwanted rule that nearly all workers break. One of the contributors shared that just because of salary discussions, he learned that a newbie was getting a higher salary than him (he was more experienced and an expert).

2. Driving Speed Limit 

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For safety concerns, we all must be conscious about driving speed. But what should we do if all others are exceeding the speed limit? In this situation, our low pace can increase the risk of accidents. Also, a person shared the same problem where he was forced to increase his car speed because everyone was driving fast.

3. Same Colored Socks

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Whether studying in a school or working in an office, you must have made a new sock pair by combining two different socks. A contributor stated there should be no hesitation in using different socks if they look the same on the feet. Other commenters shared that it's common to break the rule of the same socks because of laundry mistakes.

4. Resume Truth

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Most job seekers add the skills in their resume that they don't have. In the high competition, it has become a common practice to exaggerate the skills and experience. An individual shared that he always lied about the gap in his experience due to unemployment in his resume.

5. Punctuation for Quotes

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In early education, we all used to add punctuation when the sentence included some quotes. For example, she said, ‘She will join the office.' But it seems too inconvenient to take a break and use these exaggerated punctuations in writing. A person explained this situation by saying that it was an old trend when iron blocks and presses were used; now, we should not follow this trend.

6. Work Forty Hours a Week

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The obligation to work forty hours a week is not acceptable to all. A commenter stated that although he had a good work ethic, he didn't like to work too long weekly. According to him, working thirty-two hours a week should be enough for a person. Exceeding this limit benefits only managers, not employees.

7. Money Return to Authorities

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What will you do if you find money on the ground without knowing to whom it belongs? In these cases, most people prefer to give this amount to needy people instead of depositing it with private authorities. An individual mentioned that the same attitude should be adopted if you don't believe that authority will use that amount well.

8. Limited Foods for Breakfast

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When we say breakfast, only limited food options come to mind. These foods commonly include cereals, toast, eggs, butter, and sandwiches. But why don't we prefer to eat other dishes for lunch or dinner? One of the individuals shared that once his colleagues were enjoying steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus, that was quite shocking for him.

9. Closure of Public Places

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Sometimes, the government declares a restricted time for public places to be closed. For example, if you have a restaurant, you must close it by 10 pm. But what will be its opening time? A person shared that in Brazil, bars were to be closed at 2 am. And at 2:15 am, people used to reopen their bars. This insane rule makes people think about how foolish laws are in the country.

10. Geographical Restrictions on Streaming

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Often, you fail to access the content because of geographical restrictions. However, some tactics, like a VPN, help you get that content quickly. A person explained that people living outside Canada used to watch Canadian series more easily and earlier than Canadians.

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