Discover 10 High-Earning Jobs That Can Pay More Than $100,000

A four or five-figure salary per year may fulfill your necessities. But to ensure a luxurious life, you must earn six figures or even more. There are only certain professions that can help you achieve this goal. On an online platform, people shared some high-paying jobs. On an online platform, people shared some high-paying jobs that can help you reach six figures.

1. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller
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Working as an air traffic controller can earn you a six-figure salary yearly, according to one user. However, with this heavy pay comes extra responsibility as well. People in this department are subjected to stressful and exhausting tasks. Moreover, they need to be extra attentive as there is no chance of even a single error. 

2. Doctor

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As per a user, entering into the medical profession can help one reach a bank balance of six figures. But they further mention that it’s not worth it as the duty snatches off one’s personal life and youth. Combining college, medical school, and residency years, you’d have to spend at least 12 to 14 years of little or no income to reach that stage. 

3. Crane Operator

Ship with Cranes
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While some six-figure jobs are strenuous, there are several easy ones out there, too. For example, someone stated that working as a crane operator in the oil industry was the most flexible work they did. Individuals going this route have to work 8 hours daily. 

4. Software Developer

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The supply of software developers in the market is currently not matching their demand. Therefore, there’s a huge opportunity to shine financially by stepping into this profession. Companies are completely willing to pay six-figure salaries to competent individuals as they help simplify and automate business processes. 

5. Pharmacist

Pharmacist helping customer
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Being a pharmacist can help you set up a six-figure net worth, especially when on the retail side. It’s because this profession demands odd working hours. And with that comes higher wages as well. Also, with a decline in the US health rate, the demand for pharmacists has increased, driving a handsome salary. 

6. Public Librarian

Man in library
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A woman mentioned how working as a public librarian in California helped her earn around $100,000 dollars yearly. The best part is that you can also enjoy additional financial benefits with it, which even includes a pension. While the user loves her job, remember you can experience burnout sometimes because of daily exposure to students’ trauma. 

7. Senior Underwriter

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Underwriters are given the task of approving loan applications based on the set criteria. While the job requires precise attention to detail as it involves finances, the six-figure annual salary makes that worth it. According to someone, their friend working in the same role earns almost $115,000. And what’s shocking is that he’s a high school dropout. 

8. Enterprise Sales

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If you have selling skills, you can monetize them by working as an enterprise sales. This role involves selling services and products to large-scale corporations. The market of this profession is regarded as one of the fastest-growing ones, with solid chances of promotions as well. 

9. Military

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Someone shared that working in the military isn’t their dream job, but they still chose that, thanks to the six-figure salary. Moreover, the bonuses of up to $50K, no-cost healthcare, and retirement plan options make the profession more worth it. What adds to the benefits is that the six-figure amount that military workers get is the one after they have paid all taxes. 

10. Airline Pilot

Ready to flight. Rear view of confident male pilot showing his thumb up and smiling while sitting in cockpit
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Working regionally as an airline pilot might earn you $50,000 per year at the initial stage. However, if you end up getting hired by a major airline, then expect six figures. Additionally, your annual package can touch up to 300,000K-$400,000K as a senior captain in this field. 

But, the job can be quite stressful with the responsibility of safely landing thousands of passengers on your shoulders.

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