10 Major Downgrades We’ve Learned to Live With

We all face many illogical and exaggerated scenarios daily, forcing us to figure out the reasons behind them. Most of these frustrating conditions are profit-gaining strategies of companies trying to fool the public. Let's discuss top downgrades that have proven to be a bad experience in everyone's life.

1. Digital Home Appliances

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Nowadays, you'll find many advertisements for refrigerators and ovens with touch screens and internet connectivity. But do these electronics need these features? You can get an idea from a person's experience who shares once his oven starts updating for ten minutes. It seems illogical because the stove has to perform a single operation, so for what it is getting updates.

2. Subscription Based Models

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You're wrong if you think you can use a product freely throughout your life once you invest. Remember, you are living in an era full of subscriptions. One of the commenters shared that he bought an alarm clock, and now it's demanding $3 monthly for some premium features. Besides the alarm clock, several electronic devices demand useless subscriptions.

3. Touch Buttons 

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Touch mobile phones are more convenient than button mobiles for the public. But this kind of replacement has not proven efficient in other spaces. For example, replacing physical and touch buttons in cars seems an unwanted and exaggerated upgrade. An individual who shares touch screens has caused many issues, particularly for engineers. If an engineer becomes unable to control a machine with a touch controller, the machine will undergo unlimited cycles unchecked.

4. Planned Fake Sales

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Every business adapts different marketing strategies to increase its profit ratio. The most common is attracting clients by setting fake discounts or deals and, in return, getting more profit. As one person explained, his shop increased the rate of burritos after selling them at a discount for a few days. In reality, the burrito rates were higher, but the public took it normal by considering that increased rates were because of discount closure.

5. Cheaper New Recipes 

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It will be the worst news for you when you know your favorite restaurant has deteriorated its food quality to make recipes cheaper and earn more profit. A commenter expresses that an Australian snacks company famous as ‘Shapes' once announced a new recipe, which was a cheaper way to prepare snacks. After this change, the company disappeared from everyone's favorite list over time.

6. Amazon Products Quality

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The multinational company Amazon is one of the largest online product-selling platforms. But, it has lost its popularity and truth with time. Now, you'll get unlimited sellers presenting low-quality products on Amazon. A contributor commented that he couldn't find a good-quality item after searching even 50 pages on Amazon. Even though brand names are cheap, they are not attractive enough to gain people's trust.

7. More Powered Washing Detergents

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The marketing strategies of washing detergents and soaps are only complete with advertising the improved washing power. In contrast to what they show, we never notice any improvement in that upgraded detergent. Someone depicts her experience by saying that she used to buy one bottle of washing liquid every five to six months. But now, even when a company has increased liquid washing powers, she has to buy a new bottle every three months. That's how companies are fooling the people through their marketing.

8. Food Delivery 

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There was a time when delivery was free whenever you ordered food. Nowadays, you must check out the delivery charges before checking the price of the food you plan to order. A contributor explains that restaurants try to fool people by advertising that they have reduced delivery charges for the public's convenience. Further, the delivery boys they hired don't have any license or expertise in driving, which is increasing the accident ratio.

9. QR Codes at Restaurants

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It seems convenient to pay online rather than standing in a line and paying manually. But the condition can change if you're having a bad day in a bad restaurant. One of the comments shares that once, he ordered and paid for his food using a QR code but didn't get his food even after waiting and fighting with management for an hour. This all happened due to a misunderstanding that they failed to resolve. 

10. Night Shifts

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Most companies have set bonuses for workers who choose night shifts. It's because it's quite challenging to sacrifice a healthy sleep and struggle the whole night. It'll be frustrating if someone says that your salary will decrease when you work at night. Yes, the same happens with a person. He shares that his company decreased his salary when he was transferred as night manager just because the bonus for night workers was enough to compensate for his salary.

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