10 Bizarre Statements Heard from Medical ‘Experts’

There are often unplanned, weird, and amusing experiences that remain in our minds forever. When they occur in challenging situations, such as medical facilities, they become even more memorable. Below is something that depicts the most hilarious and odd experiences of the patients created by their medical professionals.

1. A Music Band

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Often, when we go for painful medical aid, doctors and nurses try to divert our minds to complete their procedures. The same was the thought of a person who shared his story on an online platform. He explained that once he went to draw his blood for some tests. The old lady nurse asked him about his favorite music. On further discussion, he came to know that the lead singer of his favorite music band was the nurse's son.

2. The Wisdom Teeth

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While on duty, dentists often use different techniques to comfort children. A person shared that when he was 12 years old, he visited a dentist. While checking his teeth, the dentist said that he had his wisdom teeth at such a young age. The dentist told him that his mouth looked just huge to him. He further depicted that his dentist called all the dentists in the hospital to come and look in his mouth.

3. Chicken Bone Stuck in Throat?

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Occasionally, doctors blame us for the illness, but only we know that we haven't committed any acts that have caused the illness. It seems hilarious as well as aggressive at the same time. A respondent shared that once, he had a throat illness. He was not feeling any pain but felt like something was stuck in his throat. His doctor told him that it was a chicken bone despite the fact that he had been a vegetarian all his life.

4. Asymmetrical Face

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Sometimes, doctors don't realize how they hurt patients' feelings by making them aware of their insufficiencies. A commenter expressed that once, his endocrinologist took a look at him and asked if he was worried about his asymmetrical face. He was shocked as he never noticed his face so deeply. Similarly, another person mentioned that his dentist put him in a complex by saying that the dentist liked the top part of the face, but there is something in the lower facial part.

5. Grossly Unremarkable Brain

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Medical terms are not always easy to understand for ordinary people. It can even lead to the misinterpretation of the medical reports. One individual shared that her grandmother went for the first scan after the diagnosis of cancer. They all laugh out reading ‘grossly unremarkable brain.' But that meaning was cancer was present everywhere except the brain.

6. Idiopathic Causes

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Medical letters are often difficult to comprehend for people who lack knowledge of the terms used. It can baffle the patient's mind. A contributor commented that when a patient asked the doctor for the cause of his disease and received a reply that the cause of his condition was idiopathic. It did not mean that the patient was asking an idiotic question; it depicted that the reason for the illness was unknown.

7. Heroin Addict

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It happens occasionally when a doctor shares some hilarious life moments with the patients that make them laugh even in painful treatment. An individual shared that once her medical professional was dealing with her. He assured her that she shouldn't worry because he is an expert in intravenous injections since he was a nicotine addict. His lines make her laugh louder in the hospital.

8. A Stronger Deodorant

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Patients belonging to diverse areas visit medical professionals every day. Patients are often so worried about their health that they forget to pay attention to other small things around them. A respondent mentioned that once, a nurse took his blood pressure. He asked him about the results, but she said she was not professional enough to tell him about his health condition. On forcing her, she replied that she could give him unprofessional advice that he needed to buy some strong deodorant. The line made him embarrassed at that moment.

9. Gathering of All Medical Staff

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When one doctor fails to recognize or treat a disease, he refers or calls some other doctors for assistance. But what if the whole medical staff gathers to have a look at you? A commenter shared that he was suffering from a rare disease. He never felt discomfort because of his illness. But during a checkup, his dis doctor called three more doctors and some nurses. All of them were waiting curiously for what would happen next.

10. What a Roller Coaster!

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It only takes a slight misunderstanding in a hospital to give you breathtaking moments. One of the individuals said that once he went for some illness diagnosis. His doctor asked him whether he knew that AIDS is an untreatable condition caused by a virus. His thought that he might be suffering from AIDS put him somewhere in deep disappointment. But then the doctor replied I was just asking you about AIDs; you are suffering from some other virus that is easily treatable. He further expressed that it was like a roller coaster experience for him.

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