10 First World Problems That Deserve Big Solutions

Almost every problem has a solution. Sounds satisfactory? You might be thinking, if every problem has a solution, then why are there so many unsolved issues? We focus on something other than them, considering them small. But most of them are irritating for some. Read what people are debating about such problems and suggest solutions online. 

1. Restart Your Computer for an Important Update

Upset man with laptop.
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Imagine you are working on an important project, meeting deadlines, and suddenly this message appears. What would be your reaction? I bet you get frustrated and distracted at the same time. The same happened to me a lot. One online platform user complained about this issue and said that should not occur in the middle of the work.

2. Stickers Residue on Products

Van covered with bumper stickers
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This weird issue has been unattended since my childhood. When the stickers are pulled off from the products, they leave a gummy residue that feels irritating. An individual victim of this issue commented that bits of paper and gummy residue would remain on the cup when the stickers were removed. The solution for this trouble is to keep the product stickers intact.

3. Invisible Lane Markings

Busy street in Branson, Missouri with the Branson water tower in the background.
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Invisible lane markings might not sound like trouble, but they are. It increases the risk of accidents, especially for those new to the area. One wise person highlighted this and said invisible lane markings when wet roads can cause damage. Such invisible markings should be repainted.

4. Locating Wireless Devices

Young Happy Woman Using Phone on Couch
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Taking care of small things is a big ask in today's busy life. But what if they are essential for you and you can't find them on time? It happens in the case of locating wireless devices. Somebody suggests online that wireless devices like game controllers and TV remotes must have an easy way to find them. There must be some alternative device that I press, and the device starts beeping.

5. LED Headlights

Woman blinded by bright headlights.
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Led lights could be a problem for some strange. A contributor says LED headlights are brighter and blind others. However, my regular incandescent lights brighten the road perfectly. And they are not too harsh on others driving past me. The Adaptive Driving Beam is, fortunately, the solution to this problem. ADB dims the high beams for selective areas where there is oncoming traffic.

6. Accepting Cookies for Websites

Student using laptop
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Every time you open a website, it isn't very pleasant every time they ask you to accept cookies. It is also concerning for privacy purposes. An experienced user laments this approach and says getting the cookies option for every website is irksome. The solution for this issue is to block third-party cookies from your browser. 

7. Spam Calls and Emails

Upset Woman Looking at Laptop.
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The audacity of some people to blandly rob people has been on the rise since the very early days of digital transactions. While most people know spam schemes and online pyramid marketers, many still fall for pithy pitches. An angry operator shared his story of receiving 40 calls a day. He had to yell at these people to leave him alone, literally. 

8. Typing on a Smart Screen

Senior man upset at desk
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It is nearly a soul-crushing experience to write even three words on a smart screen because you need to reach every letter individually. The remotes have not been helpful at all, and voice recognition is not an answer. According to a lot of smart screen users on an online platform sharing common problems about modern technology. There must be an easier solution to this worldwide problem because a long sentence kills the mood.

9. Unreliable News Platforms

Woman thanking at office
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It could be a bias, but most people do not believe the news channels. And they are constantly demanding honest and reliable news. Television broadcasters have been caught repeatedly misinforming their audiences and continue to do so. According to a media professional commenting on one of the more open online platforms, this needs attention. 

10. Cannot Use Old Password

Upset woman looking at laptop.
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Many people have faced the issue of using their passwords and failing to sign in. They try to reset their passwords, and the website shows “cannot use the old password,” yet it would not accept it if you tried it. Do these sites know they have a problem, or are they just messing with us? A frustrated IT specialist opened up about the problem with putting in passwords.

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