Loser By Public Opinion: 10 Cases That Saw Their Winners Vilified by the Public

Citizens are not always able to obtain justice through the public courts. Sometimes, innocent people are convicted of undo charges, and in other cases, criminals are released due to lack of evidence. Below, you will find a list of some of the most vilified cases mishandled by the courts.

1. Ken McElroy Case

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According to the commenter on a trusted online platform, the rap sheet of Ken McElroy included child physical abuse, assault, animal cruelty, and burglary. But he was never punished for these crimes. Then, one day, somebody shot him in the daytime on a busy street. But no one was ready to accept that the whole public saw his murder. Even the police did not go for proper investigation.

2. Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton Case

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A contributor shared that the court declared Lindy Chamberlain the murderer of her daughter. Her daughter was killed during a camping in the Australian bush. Lindy stated that a dingo had killed her child, but nobody was ready to accept her statement. Because of her weird behavior after her daughter's death, she was made more guilty of the murder. But years after, the truth unfolded, and people came to know it was actually a dingo who murdered her daughter when scraps of her daughter's clothes were found with a dingo liar.

3. McDonald's Coffee Case

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The case was about Stella Lieback. All the national media weirdly treated her just because of the overuse of their powers. The public never got convinced about what the media had shown. A person described that Lieback went into the hospital because of her critical situation. She suffered from third-degree burns, which depicted it as not just a mistakenly fallen cup of coffee.

4. Jennifer Connell Case

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Jennifer Connell was a woman who got insurance for her broken arm by her nephew. The media called him the worst aunt and the ‘aunt from hell' just because she sued her nephew. An individual shared that she just wanted to get her medical bills by using her insurance. She got permission from the parents before suing her nephew, which was not a big deal.

5. Richard Jewell Case

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In 1996, Richard Jewell was falsely accused of bombing the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. He was a security guard who saved lives by spotting the bomb. A respondent explained that the FBI found him a suspected person and dragged him through mud and national media. But it was not what Richard deserved. After the years, his name was cleared when the event's criminal was caught.

6. Kelo Home Case

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It was when the city of New London was on the way to building a shopping complex by removing Kele from her home. In the Supreme Court, Kele lost her home just for the sake of economic opportunities. An individual expressed that they were planning to construct a new bridge over there. But then the plan was canceled, which led to the death of Kele from a heart attack because of the stress.

7. Casey Anthony Case

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Casey Anthony was found to be the murderer of her baby. According to an individual, she killed Carlye but managed to lie again and again with her confidence in front of the court. Her confidence and behavior made people suspected of the original murderer. Police even investigated her chrome history. But then it was unfolded that she searched Firefox about how to kill somebody by suffocation.

8. Mason Greenwood Case

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It was a case about a 19-year-old boy who physically abused her girlfriend. According to a commenter, the audio of the incident was also leaked, which was horrible to listen to. But the case was dropped after eighteen months. Another person shared that her girlfriend got great pressure from her parents to quit the case against Mason in court.

9. Duke Lacrosse Players

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It was a widely reported criminal case in which three members of Duke University were accused of physically abusing a woman. However, according to the people on an online platform, the players were innocent. The corrupt lawyer was just trying to make a case against them because of the racial and political discrimination. The students were unaware of how the case was shaping their future in a drastic way.

10. Dan White Case

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He was an American politician who murdered Harvey Milk and the mayor of San Francisco. A person shared that he stated in court that he was depressed and went insane because he ate too many Twinkies. This act made him kill someone. Another respondent contributes to how a murderer could made his depression the reason for his criminal act.

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