10 Things Boomers Did In The 80s That Would Never Happen Now

The society in which you live today has some specific norms. If you compare it to the Boomers' generation, you'll realize that you can't do everything that they did in their time. There are many things baby boomers enjoyed as a part of their childhood. Gen Z or Gen Alpha can't even imagine doing those things, as it is way unacceptable in this era. Here are a few things Baby Boomers got away with but is a common thing today:

1. Hitchhiking a Ride

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Will you ever consider hitchhiking a ride if you urgently need to go somewhere? The majority of people will say they will never ask any stranger for a ride. For Boomers, it was a casual thing to ask and take a ride from any passing by vehicle. Today, it is so unacceptable to take a ride from any stranger due to trust issues. The crime rate has increased, and people have more awareness that what are the things they should not do to stay away from danger.

2. Playing With Fireworks

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Boomers have enjoyed their childhood playing with fireworks. They played with fireworks at every occasion and moments of happiness. But today, fireworks are prohibited in almost every country. In populated areas and near chemical factories, playing with fireworks has mass dangers. Besides this, all of us are aware today that a little charm that comes with fireworks also destroys the ozone layer with its gas explosion. This is leading our world towards global warming.

3. Unsafe Toys

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In their childhood, boomers have played with unsafe toys and playing equipment. They had dangerous toys to play with. One example is sharp-edged darts that are used t throw at each other. Even the craft kits in the boomer's time had asbestos, a harmful chemical that can lead to severe health conditions. Today, parents are conscious of the toys their kids play with. They will never give such toys and harmful playthings to their kids knowingly.

4. Fewer Parental Supervision

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Parental supervision was a not-in-trend thing in the Boomer era. They used to enjoy a free hand in nearly everything. They were allowed to go outside on their own as far as they wanted. Parents didn't care to worry about their kids or any security issues. But it seems so heart-throbbing thing today mainly due to the increase in crime rate. Child trafficking is another cause that parents always want to know the location of their kids.

5. Child Car Seats

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Old cars had no seats for the kids. There were no child seats or child belts in cars. Parents used to hold their babies when they sat in cars. Or their kids would go bouncing in their seats if they sat on their own. Today, no one who has kids can imagine buying a car with no kids' seats. It has become so essential for parents to make their kids sit securely in the car.

6. Without Helmet Riding

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Riding bikes or cycles without helmets was so common that it seems to be a trend in those days. The reality is there were no rules regarding riding in boomer times. They would ride without helmets and drive so joyfully. It is an unacceptable thing to ride without a helmet, as it has become a rule. Most importantly, it saves your life in case of any accidents.

7. No Sunscreens

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Can you imagine getting out of your home without applying sunscreen? It's a pretty common thing that you'll say: No and never. Boomers used to live without any sunscreen. They never had the idea of anything that would protect their skin from sun or UV rays. The possible reason can be the low UV levels in the boomer era. As there was less global warming in their time as compared to today.

8. Unchecked Parental Control Over Media

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Boomers had the freedom to watch uncensored adult content. There was no concept of parental control over the media. It leads many boomer kids to consume adult content through TV channels and other media. Today, parental control is a common thing. Parents always keep their content in check about what their kids are consuming over the media. 

9. No Restriction on Construction Sites

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Construction sites are one of the most common things present in every era. Old times allowed people and kids to visit construction sites without any restrictions. There can be a mass danger to any new or naïve person visiting a construction site. In this era, not everyone is allowed to visit a construction site. If you have to pay a visit, then you must learn about the harmful things that can happen. It will help you save your life in case of any uncertainty. 

10. Eating Without Nutritional Consideration

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When you eat, you keep a check on the nutritional value of the food you are eating. Even if not every meal but you'll keep a check of at least one meal per day. You do this to satisfy yourself that you are eating healthy and nutritious food. Boomers had no concept of any such thing. They had high sugar and fat consumption, which has caused major health issues in boomers.

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