10 Things That Used To Be Exciting but Feel Like an Annoyance Now

Have you ever noticed how fast our desires, thoughts, and intentions change as we grow up? You can feel a prominent difference in yourself if you take a few minutes to compare yourself with your past. So, to enhance the changes we adapt, we will discuss the things that used to excite us but now annoy us.

1. Going Out

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Nearly every child and teenager loves spending the whole day outside the home with friends. Later in life, this kind of extrovert behavior is dominated by introverted feelings. Many individuals have shared the same feelings by commenting they have found no better place than home to spend quality time. A person stated that he and his wife never prefer eating at outdoor restaurants, even after marriage.

2. Growing Older

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We all have wished to grow older soon in our childhood. But now that we are all grown, we wish to have one more childhood. The desire to live in childhood again can be due to many reasons. Most adults fail to find the goal of their lives, making life boring and exhausting. A commenter explains that he has no plan for a family, nor is he religious. Due to these reasons, he always struggles to find a motive to live.

3. Dealing With People

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A larger friend circle in our teenage years shows how much we enjoy meeting and spending time with others. The number of these friends decreases with growing age. According to the commenter, he hates dealing with people because he has realized people around him can be good or bad. Their attitude should not have any interference with his life. The fewer he meets, the lesser the chance people can hurt him.

4. Enjoying Dramas

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No doubt, teenagers love to live in their self-made world. They have their fantasy according to the dramas they watch on their screens. Acknowledging the world and its living rules soon makes them realize that life is not a drama. It forces them to hate the people living in delusions and reacting to small things. Many contributors have shared their experiences in their working areas where colleagues' dramatic attitudes make them recall high school movies.

5. Working or Investing

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Having a professional job or a business always excited us at an early age. But stepping into a real competitive world proves far more challenging than our imaginations. A person commented he had always dreamt of investing in a well-known company. However, injustice, irregularities, and toxic workplace environments have destroyed his motivation to give his best.  

6. Talking or Gossiping

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In our school days, we all had something exciting to share daily. Especially for girls, it was impossible to spend a single day without sharing secrets and dramatic news. But as you age, you realize the people surrounding you are uninterested in listening to your stories. Although, with some specific friends, discussions are always refreshing, but not with everyone.

7. Using Mobile Phones

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Technical development has entangled every single person in its captivating abilities. In particular, the young generation has started overusing mobile phones. Online games, social media platforms, and streaming have made everyone addicted. However, most people lose this interest with time. An individual commented he is no longer interested in checking his cell phone whenever he has free time.

8. Celebrating Birthdays

Friends at a birthday party
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Birthdays always remain the exciting celebrations for the children, even among youngsters. But as responsibilities increase, you will start feeling it is just a waste of money and time. A contributor expresses his thoughts by saying there is nothing like birthday celebrations. Every passing year is getting us close to death and makes us realize that we have wasted one more year successfully.

9. Enjoying People Admirations

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Everyone wants to get inspiring reviews from the people around them. But this doesn't matter further when you realize people comment based on their personalities, not yours. A person comments on how a person judges you and shows his thinking. If someone is in a bad mood, he will try his best to ruin your day. So, relying on people will give you nothing but demotivation and mental disturbance.

10. Becoming a Parent

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Parenting is one of the toughest challenges every person has to pass through. Undoubtedly, it's a great blessing when you're going to become a parent. But this blessing always comes with a lot of responsibilities. A contributor stated that thinking of bringing a new soul into this world seems always terrifying to him. He never wished to make one more person suffer from worldly cruelties.

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