10 Satirical Takes on Current Events

News Satire has been a significant part of television news since the 1960s and is widespread today. Since its inauguration in the world of news, journalism, and politics, news satire has kept the viewers static in their seats and has lavished their hearts.

A parodical representation of political and everyday “breaking news” events is harmless—even more so, quite entertaining. Now that we know the Role of News Satire let's peek at 10 Satirical Takes on Current Events:

1. Wasted Fashion

Image Credit: Adobe Stock.

Who doesn't know about Shein, Gucci, H&M, Louis Vuitton, and other such popular fashion outlets?

But here's the catch by Boston University School of Public Health. 90% of the fashion trends and products end up wasted on people who don't know how to make the most of them. 

2. Bloodthirsty Boy King

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Forbes has done it this time. Bartholomew is a 10-year-old kid who has demonstrated his bloodlust and vengeance for the throne.

The 10-year-old had already gotten done with his father, well, according to Forbes Press, also played with the eyes of a photographer (pun intended).

3. Toyota Prevents Children From Swallowing Cars

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The CEO, Kōji Satō, said that the new models of Toyota cars will have denatonium benzoate coating. This is done so that children don't swallow the cars whole.

Be it a Corolla, Prius, or even a Highlander, if the child tries to engulf it whole, they will spit it out on the road. That's precisely where cards belong, anyway.

4. People in China Are Chinese

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Rest easy. We now have enough evidence to say and prove that China is Chinese allegedly. Don't believe me? Pentagon officials held a press conference to confirm this fact.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says that after much investigation and corroboration with witnesses, they know that China is Chinese.

5. There's More Water in the Depths of Ocean

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have announced that, in the deepest, darkest depths of the Ocean, there is water.

An MIT professor, Adrian Yu, said that they wouldn't know with certainty what lay in those deep recesses of the sea that they still have to observe, but chances are that there's a bunch of water there.

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6. North Korean Candy

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

The released U.S. soldier Travis King is on a roll with sweets. He talks about it non-stop. The sugar-coated peanut candy, he says, is better than anything he's ever had in the States.

If someone asks him about anything other than candy, he responds that crackers are to die for. A US Navy's sweetheart, or sweet tooth, we can say.

7. Was Alex Jones Even Bankrupt?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Alex Jones owed $1.5 billion to the families of Sandy Hook school shooting victims. However, court filings showed the opposite, as he still enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

Alex Jones spent $1.5 million in medical bills to have a more orblike male physique. That's not it. He even spent $7,900 on a pair of sweatpants—there's a lot more where that came from, but it's all horror.

8. Nobel Prize in Physics Goes to God

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

As vague as it might seem, it's all true. The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics went to God, our Creator. Apparently, this is due to the Supreme Deity's endless contributions to the field—the making of the Universe, The Heavens, and the Earth.

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9. Earth's Core Can Play Blu-Rays

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

The scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have informed the world with another useless- I mean, interesting fact.

Geologist David Turrell and his team spent about two decades and $280 Million to discover that the Earth's Core, the 9,400-degree, solid-iron center of the planet, can play Blu-rays. But it's just that none of the DVDs and VHS tapes can withstand its heat.

10. Rename All Picasso's Works

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

The Billionaire former president of Purdue Pharma, Richard Sackler, is paying $1.5 Billion to rename all Picasso's works after himself.

The Billionaire is thrilled to be the number 1 supporter of Picasso's works, which are now, well, ‘his' works—technically.

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