10 Things Foreigners Assume All Americans Own

Non-Americans assume all Americans have these things.

1. Box of Mysterious Wires

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Amidst laughter, a clever observer points out the peculiar American habit of hoarding a box full of enigmatic wires, unsure of their purpose and reluctant to part with them. They jest about the comical concern of potentially needing one of those cables someday, unraveling the mystery behind this peculiar phenomenon.

2. Rare Basements in New Zealand

Large finished basement room.
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A fascinating cultural contrast emerges as a contributor highlighting the foreign perception that Americans have a special fondness for basements in their homes. With a touch of Kiwi perspective, they emphasize the rarity of such underground spaces in New Zealand, teasing out the intriguing notion of Americans' unique connection to basements.

3. Confusion Over the ‘Toaster Oven'

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Sparking an amusing discussion, a curious individual delves into the misconception that all Americans are equipped with a “toaster oven.” Expressing genuine curiosity, they playfully ponder the logic behind merging a toaster and an oven. The whimsical query dances with the absurdity of this domestic contraption, challenging its necessity in American households.

4. The Jar of Screws and Mysterious Items

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Offering a glimpse into cultural assumptions, a commenter hilariously exposes the belief that Americans harbor a jar filled with various screws. Without ever stepping foot in Canada, they whimsically claim to envision an eclectic mix of hardware items, an enigmatic paper clip, an unidentified Canadian nickel, and even an unclaimed key, all contained within this mysterious jar.

5. Musket for Home Defense, as Intended

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With a clever nod to history, someone humorously reveals the misconception non-Americans entertain about Americans owning muskets for home defense. Capitalizing on the enduring image of America's founding fathers, they joke about the country's dedication to traditional values and the potential penchant for housing historical artifacts.

6. The Bag of Plastic Bags

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Joining the banter, an American user playfully acknowledges the foreign belief that they hoard a colossal plastic bag filled with numerous other plastic bags. With a hint of irony, they confess to the inexplicable accumulation of these bags, highlighting a quirky propensity to collect without a clear purpose in mind.

7. Trays for Sofa Dining

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Unveiling a comical stereotype, another user in the thread draws attention to the foreign perception of Americans having trays with extendable legs in their living rooms. These trays became a hub for enjoying meals while lounging on the couch and engrossed in television shows. Often portrayed in popular culture, this image tickles the imagination with visions of casual and convenient indulgence.

8. Haunted Houses in America

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In a humorous twist, a commenter jests about the widespread belief that American homes are haunted. They humorously attribute this perception to the abundance of spooky TV shows set in America, creating a playful correlation between the frequency of haunted houses and the captivating horror-themed media from the country.

9. Weapons for Home Defense

Portrait of team of three army soldiers dressed in camouflage suits holding rifles.
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Shedding light on a common misconception, a contributor amusingly highlights the foreign belief that Americans prioritize home defense with various measures. From firearms and hidden baseball bats to bulletproof backpacks and reinforced windows, this light-hearted remark playfully reinforces the notion of Americans valuing personal safety and security within their own abodes.

10. Humorous Alarm System for British Colonization

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Invoking a whimsical scenario, one participant suggests that foreigners imagine Americans having an alarm system with a sign reading, “In case of British colonization, break glass,” revealing a hidden weapons locker. Through irony and playful curiosity, this remark teasingly questions the imagined concern of Americans towards the prospect of British colonization, adding a light-hearted touch to the conversation.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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