10 Things People in Poverty Want You to Understand

Poverty is a hard-hitting reality that only poverty-stricken folks can understand. But sometimes, people's nagging opinions hurt us, don't they? It is okay to empathize with our problems but to be angry about it is insensitive. So, here are ten things the public should understand about people experiencing poverty:

1. Saving Money Is Impossible

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One user on the internet explains that poor people find it difficult to save money for themselves. Indeed, how can you keep the little money you earn when the expenses exceed the income? By the time one pays their utility bills, there is little left. All of which is spent on the cost of living.

2. Loans Do More Damage Than Fixing

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Another agitating opinion by bystanders is ‘take a loan' or ‘ask someone to lend you cash.' Sadly, this doesn't work. You need to realize that loans often come with interest that leads to a life in debt. A struggling man might do 2 or 3 jobs and still be unable to pay it off. Consequently, people with low incomes hardly overcome a financial crisis in their lifetime.

3. Small Mistakes Can Be Costly

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When there is poverty, there are problems. A working individual may be unproductive due to stress or sick and lose a few days' salary. A lot can go wrong, but for such people, unfortunate mistakes cost more money. In such situations, the world is held accountable. Instead of putting blame, one must go easy on them.

4. It's Expensive To Be Poor

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Another thing that cashes out on poor people is overdraft fees. When income is unstable, and bills need clearing, some web users must pay extra money to cover their credit. Banks will lend money in emergencies and then add an overdraft amount to the current loan. Some people find it incredibly exhausting to cover these fees. This results in a crippling debt that is only faced by the underprivileged.

5. Poverty Jeopardizes Friendships

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Belonging to a middle-class family with average income has its cons. Many users state that this is why they have stopped going out with friends. Also, not everyone can afford fancy restaurants or travel. Some people need to be more considerate of those struggling to get around expenses. In such circumstances, people often refuse or completely exit their friend groups.

6. Scratches and Dents Don't Equal Garbage

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They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. Owners confess that they often get ridiculed for having a run-down automobile. Their response is, ‘We do not care!'. First, these cars cost a pretty penny, and second, they are still of practical use. So why does our busted car need to impress anyone? These people will make sure every mile is worth their money.

7. Less Income Doesn't Mean We Are Lazy

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You will often be pointed out for low effort and that your situation results from laziness. These comments are patronizing because such people put in more effort for a minimum-wage job. To call out a needy person for poverty is unfair and counts as mockery. Indeed, others should read the room before bringing the ‘lazy' remark to the chat and offer some help.

8. People Are Inconsiderate When Splitting Bills

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Money often makes people blind, especially those who earn a stable income. You might spot them among workplaces or friend groups. A person from a low financial background recalls that their wealthy soulmate insisted on splitting the rent in half instead of a percentage of their salary. If that isn't just mean, we don't know what is.

9. Borderline Poverty Is Way Worse

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Real hardships arise in those homes where the owners earn just enough. That means they aren't destitute but not stable either. This borderline situation makes lives even harder. Such people say they don't pass for the ‘needy' bracket but still don't have enough to pay. So, financial scholarships and loans are unavailable. As a result, they opt for mediocre education and live a continued impoverished lifestyle.

10. Happiness Feels Like a Crime

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This last one is a heavy message. If you ever see a low-paid individual buying something nice or treating themselves, do not scold them. Poverty is a depressing state that often sucks the life out of you. In such cases, people find joy in spending to lighten their hearts. This is no place to lecture them but rather a moment to find happiness in the small things.

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