The Juicy Details: 10 Must-Read Investigative Reports

Yellow journalism and misinformation are the threats that can affect every layman. Spreading rumors and hiding truths are the new trends when it comes to public figures. Long-form journalism, on the other hand, is less doubtful. We can get the complete story through this type of investigation, and there are fewer chances of hiding the truth. For every investigation, there's a legit report, which comprises all the details of the story. Let's have a look at infamous investigative reports you must read:

1. The Lost Tablet With Secret Documents by Barabanov and Nader Ibrahim

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On the battlefield of Libya, a broken tablet was found, and the journalists from BBC found information about Wagner, a secret mercenary group. They found military maps and equipment lists, which journalists confirmed through drone photography. It's a must-read, as it reveals proof of mercenary group activities and the investigative journalist's dedication to their profession.

2. In the Shadow of Warships by Mathew P. Funiaole and Team

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The journalists from CSIS found in their investigation about the Chinese Navy. They found that foreign companies were providing financial aid to build warships on the construction line. In addition to this, the newest hulls were built and delivered to foreign companies from South Korea, Japan, and the US.

3. Toiling Away From Shein by Timo Kollbrunner

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In this investigative report, the journalist of Public Eye discovered the details of fashion giant Shein's impact on employees. For this online store, the workers sew clothes for 12 hours a day. Without basic facilities, an inhumane workload, and 75+ hours of hard work, workers were forced to provide services. This report led to greater scrutiny.

4. The Service by John Daniell and Guyon Espiner

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The RNZ journalists investigated spies around the world, including the works of agencies like KGB, MI6, and SIS. Unlike other reports, it was presented as a podcast where several activities of these agencies and their spies were revealed and provided to the public openly.

5. Caught by Eugene Bingham and Paula

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The investigative journalism report by Stuff journalists is about environmental issues. The starting point for this investigation was the Tuna industry, where the fisherman revealed that he wasn't paid the promised amount of $300 a month. The report revealed how several companies are trading for tuna, and for its collection, they are forcing laborers to work without any contracts or reliable income steam.

6. Amazon Alert by Victoria Elms and Companions

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The team from Sky News investigated through a satellite system about deforestation in Amazon, Brazil. Well, the shocking results showed the deforestation risk has increased by 16% in one year only. It was also reported that the people responsible for this were mostly local politicians and entrepreneurs who didn't care to pay fines for clearing lands.

7. I'm Not a Monster by Josh Baker

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BBC published a report and a podcast regarding Sally. She claimed that she was tortured and held hostage by ISIS. Josh investigated Sally's claims and in-depth reporting to know what's the real story. The in-prison interviews and questionnaire from Sally are worth knowing.

8. The Deadly Secret of China's Invisible Armada

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China's activities in waters that belonged to North Korea were revealed in this report. NBC News journalist investigated about the illegal fishing of China in the waters of North Korea. The report found that China has been violating the UN sanctions.

9. Los Fogones de la Kitchen by Angeles Vasquez

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The investigation revealed corruption and political favors for financial crime. The former commissioner, Jose Manuel Villarejo, was bugged and spying on the former treasurer of PP. Thanks to this report, several criminals were charged, and the rest of them are under investigation.

10. Stolen by Tyler Kingkade

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The investigative report by NBC's journalists is worth reading. They found that Bethesda's secret Christian boarding home adopted at least 100 children. It happened in the 1970s and 80s while everything was hidden at the start. Eventually, women came out and told about the physical abuse and forced adoption. This investigative report reunited several children with their parents.

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