“The Italian Countryside For Me” 10 Places To Move To If Money Were No Big Deal

There are a lot of beautiful places in the world that are dream places for people. And they wish to live there. But they can not afford to live there. Here are some places to which people have said they will move if they get rich.

1. Maldives

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The beauty of Maldives needs no introduction. People who want to go for vacations or honeymoon prefer Maldives. Its beach scenes are enthralling. The cuisine and the lifestyle in the Maldives are on another level. That is why those who visited this place once decided to shift there.

2. Dubai, UAE

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Dubai is home to charm and fantastic experiences. In Dubai, there is freedom of religion, a safe environment, and high technology. The Burj Khalifa is the main attraction of people from all over the world. Many people have shown the urge to shift in this country if they get a lottery by chance.

3. Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo is considered the greatest city in the world. It contains a beautiful blend of cultures and trends. This city is prosperous, resilient, and sustainable. All the technologies of the world are provided in this city. The robotics restaurants, next-level spas, the touch of nature, and fast bullet trains make this city special. A lot of people want to move there when they become financially stable. 

4. Marakesh, Morrocco

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People have positive vibes about Marakesh. And people see this city as their new hometown when they have enough cash in their hands. Marakesh is known as the city of luxury people. The 5-star hotels and friendly people are the reason for the attraction of people. This city is ranked in the list of 50 top beautiful countries. 

5. Paris, France

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Paris is known as the city of love and romance. People chose Paris to visit for their honeymoon. There are a lot of monument places in Paris other than the Paris Tower. This city has the best working policies, healthcare, and high-level education. Thus one can wish to shift to this city permanently.

6. Capri, Italy

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The vast landscapes with lush green fields, the blue oceans meeting with the sky, and the clean environment are a combination that can appeal to any human being. The City of Italy Capri is a perfect blend of this combination. Besides this, this city offers all up-to-date facilities. Blue Grotto cave in this city is no less than a miracle. People voted to shift to this country if they would afford to live in this.

7. Doha, Qatar

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Qatar is at the top of the list of prosperous countries. Its peaceful environment is an example for the world. And the capital city of Qatar is Doha. And this city is on another level. The calmness of the city is remarkable. The astonishing airport in Doha makes it more valuable. The hospitals and schools offer the world's best facilities. One commentator shares that his life goal is to shift the next generation to this beautiful place.

8. Santorini, Greece

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A miracle city made up of blue and white color is present in Greece. The name of the city is Santorini. The blue color is clear as an ocean, and the white color is a dove. The ocean water scenery added to its beauty. People say that the beauty of Santorini can hypnotize anyone. A large percentage of people shared their urge to live their lives in this beautiful place when they collect enough money.

9. Malibu, California

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Some people are great fans of natural places and wish to live there. Instead of concise technology apartments, they prefer to live in open and clean places. A perfect example of such a place is Malibu, California. The beautiful beaches are an attraction of this city. The weather remains pleasant. It has a unique culture, the best schools, and an amazing real estate market. 

10. The Hamptons, New York, USA

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A city where all the blessings of the world are provided must be a dream place for anyone. Hampton is such a place that many people dream about. The residential areas are beautiful and provide peace. That is why people have plans for the future to move into Hampton.

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