10 Things Not To Do When Visiting Canada

Canada has a natural landscape, diverse cultures, and friendly people. Canada is a very welcoming place for visitors. Beware, there are some rules and regulations you should follow to maintain the decorum of their country. There are certain things that you should never do in Canada.

1. Never Commenting on French English Revolution

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Canada is a bilingual country. There are two official languages of Canada are English and French. Most of the provinces in Canada set these laws to make sure that both English and French languages are used equally in public. This law is part of Canadian culture, and it's their identity. 

2. Not Tipping

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It is customary in Canada to pay a tip of at least 15 to 20% of the bill to hairdressers, taxi drivers,' bartenders, and servers. If a person is utilizing exceptional service, they must pay about 20%. The poor service deserves a tip below 15%. It is customary in Canada to help hard-working workers. Paying tips is common in Canada, so when you are out, be prepared for your expenses.

3. Not Return Apology

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Canadian people are known for their politeness and friendly behavior. An apology is part of their culture. The exciting thing is that when Canadians apologize for something that happens, they expect an apology in return. It is a sign of politeness and respect for everyone, widespread in Canadian culture. So, if a person is visiting Canada remember that if any Canadian apologize to you, they expect an apology with a smile. This will help in making good connections and remain in their good books.

4. Never Feed Wildlife

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Feeding wild animals is banned in Canada. It can be dangerous; also, it disturbs the balance of nature and affects the health of animals. This human behavior makes animals dependent on them for their food and water, which can lead to aggressive behavior. This is not an act of kindness. It's illegal in Canada, so when visiting Canadian wildlife, leave snacks out of it.

5. Not Respecting Privacy Laws

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Privacy is the priority for any Canadian. The government also implements many laws for the protection of Canadian privacy. Canadian peoples are very protective of their privacy and never share their personal information without permission. They also never exploit other people's information for their benefit. Some apps and websites which are privacy threats are also not allowed in Canada.

6. Not Underestimating Mountain Weather

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Canadian mountains are home to some stunning mountain views in the world. They can also deceive regarding weather. The mountain's weather is unpredictable and sudden change happens there. So, it's necessary to pack winter and summer supplies when any person is going to the mountain region.

7. Unaware of Bears

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Bears are common in Canada, so protect yourself and be aware of your surrounding. Make some noise when hiking in the mountains, and for protection, carry bear spray if venturing to the backcountry. If you see a bear in your surroundings, never approach or feed him. Stay 30 meters away, speak in a low voice, and slowly move away.

8. Not Respectful To Aboriginal Culture

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The history of Aboriginal people in Canada is complex. Be respectful when you are visiting those places that are of their culture or their spiritual significance. Show them respect, try not to disturb their area, and take photographs only if they allow. Also, take permission before entering their private lands.

9. Never Go to Glaciers Without Sunscreen

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Glaciers in Canada are the most beautiful example of nature, but be safe when exploring them. Direct exploration of the Sun is dangerous, and sunburn can occur in 15 minutes. Wear sunscreen, protect yourself from UV rays, and wear appropriate clothes like hats and long-sleeved shirts. Also, bring water with you to prevent dehydration.

10. Never Ignoring Signs

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The Canadian government uses signposts for specific reasons, including public safety, warnings, etc. Ignoring these signs can put you in harm, so follow these instructions. For example, parks have a sign for not picking wildflowers. These signs are there for safety measures.

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