10 Scams That Are Technically Legal

It's critical to be aware of the deceitful strategies certain people and organizations use in a society where fraud and scams are commonplace.

While some scams are against the law, others operate inside the law, preying on naïve victims. People recently published these frauds, which are technically legal but shouldn't be on an internet platform. 

1. Life Coaches: A Jaw-Dropping Doubt

Have you ever had doubts about life coaches and their lofty claims? This user has a jaw-dropping story that will make you question everything! They stumbled upon a high school acquaintance's social media, where it seems like they're living the dream – flaunting wealth and success left and right. But hold on! Behind the curtain of bravado lies a tale of hardship, with the family forced to move into their parent's basement due to financial struggles. The user can't fathom how this person's lectures are all about exploiting the vulnerable, despite their own questionable path to “success.”

2. Amway's Mirage: Trust Issues Revealed

Stressed telemarketer.
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Multi-level marketing schemes can be as elusive as a mirage in the desert. One user shares a firsthand encounter with an Amway participant whose claims of six-figure monthly earnings sounded like a symphony of success. Yet, the user's curious mind couldn't help but notice the discordant notes – a modest apartment and a beat-up car, hardly fitting for a “success” story. The truth was exposed like a hidden treasure, with the MLM participant making a mere $100 in sales before expenses. Trust issues, anyone?

3. Chilling Critique of Megachurch Preachers

Woman watching tv
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Prepare for a chilling critique of megachurch preachers, spotlighting the enigmatic figure of Kenneth Copeland. Every time this user catches him on television, an eerie sensation runs down their spine.

4. Fake Auto Warranty Follies: A Chuckle-Worthy Tale

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Are you ready for a laugh? Let's take a moment to unravel the mysteries of fake auto warranty promises. This user noticed something fishy about these offers—they lacked a proper address, almost as if they wanted to avoid complaints from unhappy customers. The icing on the cake? They dare to mimic official government notices, complete with a stern-looking disclaimer and a fictitious $300 fine for private use. You can't help but chuckle at their cheekiness.

5. Unravelling Goop's Mystery and Allure

Woman Giving Confused Shrug
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Uncover the truth behind Goop, the enigmatic company that has raised eyebrows and skepticism. Despite its questionable reputation, people seem drawn to its recommendations and endorsements from the rich and famous.

6. Dark Side of TV Advertising: Eye-Opening Experience

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Ever wondered about the dark side of television advertising? This user shares their fascinating motel experience, where they were bombarded with commercials for both over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals. But here's the kicker—they stumbled upon a series of ads featuring mid-level athletes promoting “drugs” for male performance enhancement, only to discover they were actually homeopathic medicines!

7. Exposing Get-Rich-Quick Schemes on Social Media

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In a world where get-rich-quick schemes run rampant, this user becomes a detective, unmasking the charlatans behind the glitzy TikTok and YouTube videos. Flashy mansions, luxury cars, and promises of prosperity abound. Still, there's a catch – they demand payment for the elusive “secret” to success.

8. Timeshares: Perplexing Financial Puzzle

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Enter the enigmatic realm of timeshares, where financial computations seem like a never-ending puzzle. This user recounts their experience with perplexing annual payments, increasing maintenance costs, and an elusive advantage to owning a timeshare.

9. Iraqi Dinar: Golden Ticket or Illusion?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

The Iraqi dinar – the elusive golden ticket to an unimaginable wealth or an illusory investment scheme? One user shares their suspicions about those who believe in this get-rich-quick fantasy. Meet the former roommate who has been faithfully waiting for over a decade, steadfast in their conviction that riches will materialize.

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10. Deceptive Property Documents: A Clever Con

Image Credit: Adobe Stock.

Picture a world where con artists prey on homeowners with crafty letters promising vital property documents. Fear and uncertainty grip the unsuspecting recipients, prompting them to seek confirmation of their ownership rights. But the truth unravels like a magician's trick, as this user reveals that the so-called ‘vital documents' are nothing more than freely accessible public records.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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