10 Underrated Animated Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

It's time to move into the animated, adventurous world and enjoy their creativity and fun. In the animated arena, most movies do not get their due credit and appreciation from the audience. But their craft speaks a lot about them. Let's dig into those heartwarming, calming, adventurous, and mind-blowing animated movies. 

1. Missing Link (2019)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

An investigation into mythical creatures! An unusual bonding of Sir Lion Frost and Sasquatch has been the highlight of this movie. Upon finding the creatures as an investigator, they impress the Lion through their gentle and docile nature. However, Lion has always been helpful in reuniting Sasquatch with his relatives, which shows another version of their unsaid friendship and unlikely bonding. 

2. Epic (2013) 

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

If you haven't watched Epic, you just miss out on your animation interest. M.K., being the teenager and having strained relations with her father, eventually gets into the magical deep forest, and here starts the adventure. She tried to protect their queen as this was the nerve-handling battle of life and decay. 

3. Early Man (2018)

Photo Credit: StudioCanal.

An animation that leads to the Stone Age! A spice of humor and odd adventure in the movie makes it worth watching for the crazy audience. However, the continuous encounters of the cavemen tribe with explorers and eventually entering the Bronze Age make the film exciting to invest time in. You will also enjoy Aardman's British humor and straight sports action. 

4. Arthur Christmas (2011) 

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

A sneak peek into the life of the misfit son of Santa Claus! Like for everyone, Christmas brings a lot of dreams and desires for Aurthur. The movie tries to fill the puzzling pieces by helping those children who do not receive Christmas gifts. Arthur, on finding the left-out child, makes it unconventional to give him a gift and add him to Christmas happiness.  

5. Beowulf (2007)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

An old tale of heroic courage! We get the vibes of epic fantasy video games from the cutscenes and skeptical depictions in the movie. However, it gives the humanistic side to Beowulf's character by making him flawed and irresponsible. Upon that, Ray Winstone adds more charm with his impactful performance by playing the role of a legendary character of our ancient tales. 

6. Promare (2019)

Photo Credit: Toho.

A journey into an evil future to threaten the world order. An exciting turning of events in this movie is when humanity puts fire because of its anger. However, the continuous conflicting story of Galo and Lio is followed and enjoyed by the audience. The initial odd encounters later make them join ties and become a threat to the whole world. 

7. The Iron Giant (1999)

Photo Credit: IMDB

It is a movie that keeps the audience on their toes and keeps them emotional with brilliant, unlikely robotic alliances. Interestingly, it was not accepted wholeheartedly at its launch, but 

it keeps the 90s generation intact with comedy and action, too. But you will not see some animated tropes, i.e., princess and musical numbers, in the movie. 

8. The Pagemaster (1994)

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Library addicts love this animation as it creates their imaginary and fictional characters. The audience gets engaged with the stellar performance of Macaulay Culkin and Patrick Stewart, and classical literature acts as the icing on the top. An adventurous reading journey turns into an unbelievable event of living with those fictional characters. 

9. Angel's Egg (1985)

Photo Credit: Studio Deen.

An unexpected turn of events happens when the young girl gets a strange egg from a stranger in a completely unknown city. However, it gets more interesting with clues at each passing step she has taken. The open ending of this story makes the viewers more intrigued by it while speculating for the perfect end. 

10. Next Gen (2018) 

Photo Credit: Netflix.

A cinematic terrified world-building, dark tones, and creative corporate messages make it a whole family movie. It captures the story of teenager Mai, who, after having tired up of robots, ends up building connections with them. The thematic revival of acceptance, maturity, loss, and power abuse makes the audience glued to their screens. 

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