10 Underreported Stories from Around the Globe That Deserve Attention

An underreported story is an important event that isn't getting the attention it deserves. These news are not necessarily a part of breaking headlines or, if covered, lack an element of critical perspective and nuance. Underreported stories can be significant to save people's lives. They help illuminate deep societal issues like corruption, racism & human trafficking. They highlight people who can be held accountable & to find solutions to problems. Here are the top 10 attention deserving Under-reported news events:

1. Endangered Species

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Animals are loveable creatures that need care and affection, like humans. Recently, animals like the Mountain Gorilla, Amur Leopard & Sumatran Rhinoceros have been named endangered by World Wildlife Fund org. Their population has declined at alarming rates with human activities like domesticating wild animals, habitat loss, over-hunting, etc. They can be conserved by providing them with their natural habitat.

2. Uyghur Camps in China

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The people of Uyghur have been facing Chinese genocide against them to restrict them from practicing their religion, having contacts across borders & going to a Western university. Millions of Uygur are deprived of their fundamental humanitarian rights. It is an Underreported issue because China, the world's largest export-based economy, shoves this news under the mat.

3. Mental Health

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People aren't aware of the importance of mental health, which makes it an underreported issue. It is associated with overthinking & stress, but it is more of a serious subject. People with affected mental health live a dejected life & experience long-term depression. Victims do not report to any family member or friend, which leads them to choose suicide.

4. Deforestation

It is the cutting of forest trees to either get converted land for constructing houses or money. Due to the increasing deforestation & population over time, humans won't have enough space on earth to cultivate land & satisfy their nutritional needs. This can be mitigated by planting more trees and enforcing law policies.

5. Improper Infrastructure Planning

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In third-world countries, infrastructure is often neglected, and the subject must be paid more attention. They tend to make neighborhoods on land where parks, hospitals, and libraries can be built. This results in no opportunity for the youth to enjoy life and can result in a frustrated youth. 

6. Crisis in Europe

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The Russia & Ukraine war of 2022 escalated tensions in the two countries and across borders. The region of Ukraine and Russia collectively produces 30-35% of the world's wheat and 20% of corn and barley. Alongside, Russia supplies gas to the EU through Nord Streamline, which was also restricted during tensions. This caused a food & energy crisis throughout Europe.

7. Climate Change

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Every year the world is getting hotter and hotter, glaciers are melting & unseasoned rains. We have seen examples like Australian wildfires, Increased Sea levels, and cyclones and hurricanes. Since this won't affect us in the short term, these events don't make it enough to break headlines. It is high time that we take necessary measures or face disastrous consequences.

8. Covid-19

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2019 was a year of social & economic challenges when the pandemic broke out, leaving people isolated in their homes facing lockdowns. People were scared to leave their houses, businesses shut down, and many lost jobs. It was underreported in the initial weeks to control the virus within China & to avoid any massive social havoc.

9. Africa's Water Scarcity

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The African continent mainly includes underdeveloped countries that have been facing poverty and economic challenges for decades. With inadequate management & uneven distribution, the resources have depleted rapidly. Moreover, political instability limited the continent's potential economic growth and foreign relations. These have led to restrictions on access to clean water in Africa.

10. Racism in the U.S.

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Racism is found throughout ancient U.S. history, where black people were traded as slaves. Due to the stereotypes and prejudice, they were treated biasedly and had no social status in the country. It has followed a decline over time, but we still have examples like George Floyd, a victim of a false encounter. Being a sensitive topic, it is often underreported to audience interests.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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