Beyond Twitch: 10 Alternative Platforms for Gamers and Streamers

Twitch is by far the most popular game streaming platform above all. With over 100M+ downloads on Play Store only, it has an active user no. of around 150M+ from around the globe. Since Twitch keeps a 50% commission over streamers' revenue, here are ten alternative platforms for gamers & streamers to use:

1. YouTube Gaming

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YouTube Gaming is a popular online video game streaming platform just as popular as Twitch. It is a feature of YouTube, which doesn't own any dedicated app or website. It has popular streamers like Ninja, Pewdiepie & Markiplier, etc. Unlike other platforms, it gives its creators 70% of the streaming revenue & keeps 30% of it. It is available on Android, iOS, Play Station, MacOS & PC.

2. Afreeca TV

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Afreeca TV is a South Korean platform that got its brand name from “Anybody Can Freely Broadcast TV.” It supports its creators with features like Superchat, ads, and in-game Virtual gifts. Streamers aren't confined to one niche but can also stream music, podcasts, or any other activity. Its uniqueness lies in its much lesser competition than Twitch, making it relatively easy for streamers to grow.

3. Caffeine

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The platform is like any other streaming service booth, but its core feature is broadcast lag-free streams. Caffeine connects its viewers & creators efficiently so that they can experience a sense of connectivity & trust through a virtual platform. Its interface design is quite user-friendly, making it easy for viewers to navigate. It is also available on IOS & Android.

4. Beam

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Beam streaming fulfills every streamer's dream, allowing streaming in 4K with 60 fps for a better viewing experience. It allows streamers to customize their layout according to their choice with a wide range of available customizable templates. It allows streamers to multi-stream, using which they can also collaborate with fellow creators.

5. Mobcrush

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Mobcrush is a streaming platform founded back in 2014. It allows streamers to connect with the audience at a deep level with notification alerts for new streams. It has features like virtual gift points and virtual currency that users can tip to their favorite creators. As a user, you don't need a PC setup; you can stream it with your phone to stream games.

6. Trovo

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As a newbie streamer, Trovo is your partner to trust. The best thing about it is its feature to show new streamers in users' feeds, giving an initial boost. Not only does it have less monetization requirements, but it also has less viewership competition. But still, it has the correct type of audience you'd want to have as a creator. With its multistreaming feature, users can share their streams simultaneously on all their essential socials.

7. Kick

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Kick is a Sans Francisco-based streaming organization that recently launched in 2022. It also allows users to get paid hourly wages and monthly earning options. The streamers have access to real-time data analytics to understand better what their audience is & their interests. It has also embedded secure payment gateways to conserve users' interests

8. Smashcast

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Smashcast was an online streaming platform that hosted many famous esports tournaments. Users also had access to recorded streams in case they missed watching any streaming. Moreover, they were able to chat & interact with their favorite streamers through live chat options. Despite the unparalleled features it offered, it ceased in 2020 due to Covid.

9. Drive

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Dlive, an American streaming platform, was founded in 2017. Its algorithm skims out spam comments & shows unique messages on top in live chat, building the streamer's connection with the audience. It has more than 10 million active users monthly. The platform is capable of hosting a large stream without glitches.

10. Nimo Tv

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Nimo is a dedicated international game streaming platform. It has both a free & a premium version to use. It has a built-in ‘Bullet Screen' feature, which shows comments on the screen as flying bullets. The platform calculates creators' payout based on no. of hours streamed, views, subscribers & viewer engagement. It is compatible with Android, PC & IOS.

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