“Don’t Forgot To Take Off Your Shoes In This Country” 10 Cultural Norms Very Different Than The U.S.

Cultural norms are different across the world. It is strange one known culture which is entirely unusual in one culture. It may be completely normal in another. Every Culture norm is respected and understood in the specific context. What might be seen as unusual to a person it might be a celebrated tradition for another person.

1. Greeting With a Bow in Japan

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It is customary and tradition in Japan that people meet each other by Bowing. A longer and deeper bow is a sign of respect. In Japan, It's the formal way of greeting. Yumi is the term which is used for the bow in Japan.

2. Removing Shoes Indoor in Many Asian Countries

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In many Asian countries, it is a tradition that a person should remove his shoes before entering the house. In many Asian countries, they have carpeted rugs which are common. So, every person must take off their shoes to walk on this carpeted floor. It is done in Asian countries because it can keep the spirit and other negativity away from home.

3. Siesta in Japan and Latin America

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It's an afternoon nap, a common tradition in Spain and Latin America. It is expected that after lunch, around 20 to 30 minutes, every person should take a nap. This tradition was started in the 20th century for farmers. The history is that the farmers should take a nap to maintain their energy in the middle of the hottest hours.

4. Personal Space in Finland

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It is very usual in Finland that people are maintaining distance between themselves. Even in a crowded place, personal space is valued in Finland. The people are honest with their relationships. This country also has a tradition that everyone should maintain a specific distance.

5. Namaste in India

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It is their religious and cultural deed. It is the gesture in which a person joins their palm and slightly bends toward another person. It is the tradition of Indian people to greet. They show other person respect by making this gesture and saying “namaste” or “namaskar.”

6. Burning Incense in Religious Ceremony

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It is a tradition in many countries to purify or cleanse. This tradition is done in Kaaba for purification. This deed is done to uplift the pilgrim's soul. It is also used to perfume the air. The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), and the angels love the fragrance and hate the foul smell.

7. Kissing on a Cheek as a Greeting

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This tradition is widespread in European countries to kiss a cheese when they greet. This is only done in some countries, but it's ordinary in European or Latin America. The people of Europe use it as a custom to greet their family and friends and kiss their cheek. It is their way of showing their affection and love to another person.

8. Eating With the Hands in Some Cultures

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In several countries, it is very typical to eat with one hand. On the other hand, in European countries, it is considered unclean to eat with a hand. This is primarily popular in Africa and some countries in the Middle East. They think it is their tradition to eat with their hand. They consider it as the superior way of eating food.

9. Tea Ceremonies in China and Japan

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The people of China and Japan are slightly similar. It is their unique way of drinking and preparing tea and enjoy with loved ones. Instead, the tradition primarily aims to enjoy the tea with guests. Show them they are hospitable people, and they greet their guests nicely.

10. Wale Celebration of Greenland

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It is an ancient tradition of Greenland to hold a festival to welcome Wales. There is a special dish which is available on these days to enjoy the festival. This dish is made with fermented sea birds and is considered a delicacy. This festival is regarded as the national Day in Greenland. The people of Greenland warmly welcome Wales into their country. This whole festival is welcome in Wales.

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