Running Low: 10 Common Items That Could Face Scarcity in the Future

The earth's environment and climate are changing continually. The same affects resources that are required to fulfil human needs. Let's look at ten vital everyday staples that may gradually become scarce, which have been highlighted. Moreover, a few appealing thoughts have been shared regarding their management.

1. Water

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Water shortage is a rising concern worldwide. Numerous factors contribute to this issue, i.e. inept water management, Global Warming, and an increase in population size. The most crucial step to address this issue is to ensure water management through an intelligent water distribution system. A fascinating comment from a user stated that we must play our part to conserve water; our small step today will provide us with a pleasant tomorrow.

2. Coffee Beans

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It has been observed recently that there is a decrease in the overall growth of coffee. There are three main reasons for this problem: climate change, decreased land cultivation, and a lack of biodiversity. Another user commented that the reduction in agricultural land is creating concern regarding food security and accentuating the need for innovative agriculture techniques.  

3. Cocoa Beans

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The primary concern for reduced cocoa production is global warming and bad labor practices. A female commenter stated that bad labor practices spoil workers and result in reduced outcomes. There is a need to promote ethical practices and their social impact on the industry's growth. Moreover, R & E can introduce new cocoa species that are resilient to the effects of climate change.

4. Rice Grains

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Rice is a fundamental, familiar, and affordable edible item. The scarcity of this staple can have devastating effects. A regular commenter commented that rice scarcity may considerably impact food security worldwide. A dedicated effort is required to predict and take suitable measures to prevent its shortage proactively. Modern and innovative agricultural techniques, including precision farming, may be incorporated in Rice production.

5. Antibiotics

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People have started using antibiotics galore. This has led to decreased resistance to bacteria in the human body. This phenomenon is a serious threat to the world population. In other words, the scarcity of desired effects from antibiotics is being caused worldwide. To manage this issue, strict policies and regulations are to be implemented. 

6. Bananas

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Banana crops are confronted with diseases worldwide. The banana crop can face extinction if timely remedial measures are not taken. The most suitable solution to address this issue is biodiversity. A user has stated that biodiversity ensures resilience against diseases. By growing a range of varieties, banana plants can be preserved. 

7. Phosphorus

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Phosphorus is a vital component of synthetic fertilizers. This element is atypical and may be depleted over time due to the large production of fertilizers. The synthetic fertilizer without phosphorus is ineffective and may not provide the same strength to the foliage. Thus, it will add up to the food security threat. A regular customer stated that immediate remedial measures must be prioritized to counter food security threats. 

8. Fish

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No rules are followed as far as fishing is concerned. Overfishing and non-environment-friendly fishing techniques are leading to a decrease in fish population and cause danger to ecology. To address this issue, a fishing quota system must be introduced. In addition, monitoring by respective maritime forces is ensured to curb environmentally hazardous techniques for fishing. A male commented that ethical fishing lets the ocean thrive. 

9. Petroleum

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Every country is affluent in the use of hydrocarbon. This continuous increase in petroleum usage may deplete the resources shortly. There is a dire need to explore renewable energy and produce energy-efficient machinery. A wise comment stated that energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives are the right choice for a sustainable future. 

10. Honey

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Extensive pesticide use and habitat loss create a scarcity of honey and a bee population. Measures must be taken at the government level to promote beekeeping and support these bee farmers. A user has said well that honeybees are our lifeline. The general population must be educated regarding honeybees' role in pollination and the potential overwhelming effects of honeybee scarcity.

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