Over $100K: 10 Surprising Professions That Can Bring in Big Bucks

Most people get the idea of running their own business to earn a significant income. However, this idea usually has a lot of risks and a relatively low success ratio. With the advancing era, more opportunities are awaiting the candidates, along with a high pay rate. Here are the top careers that can pay you over $100k.

1. Nuclear Inspector 

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Inspection of nuclear power plants is not a very popular job, but it can pay you more than your expectations. People have shared that initially, you'll not enjoy this job because it will be hectic. But afterward, this job will give a good income. You can become a nuclear inspector by joining a nuclear power program. This program has no rocket science; you just have to be persistent in your initial days.

2. Cancer Scientist 

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Countries are struggling to find ways to cure cancer or stop tumor growth. But, due to constant failures in getting the treatment, the demand for cancer scientists is high. An individual commented that he worked as a cancer scientist and received an increased monthly amount. Also, he was donating some portion of his income regularly to his cancer research centers.

3. Lawyer 

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If you have met some lawyers, you must know that their income varies depending on the case and clients. If someone has enough guts to deal with diverse cases, it's no surprise he can earn more than $100k. A person expresses that he makes over $100k, but this amount would have been multiplied if he had chosen the way of injustice and liars.

4. Doorman

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When we talk about a doorman, what comes to our mind? A person living hand to mouth. But you'll be surprised to know about a doorman earning over $100k annually. Yes, one contributor stated that he works in a luxury residential building in NYC. And his yearly income is $110-$120k. He further shares that sometimes it becomes difficult for him to believe in the healthy income he is getting while working just as a doorman.

5. Office Manager 

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Not all office managers are able to secure a substantial income, it all depends on the type of company you're working in. An individual working in a well-reputed company comments that he just has to order supplies, clear the bills, and ensure the availability of different products at the office. In return, he gets $125k, enough to make a happy living.

6. Electrical Engineering 

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It is one of the famous well-paying careers. But what you hear is not necessarily always true. A commenter depicts that although he can now make a six-figure income, it took six years to reach this point. He failed to find the fantasy jobs he had dreamt of, but he achieved a good income due to his consistency.

7. Plumber

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You must have included a plumber in the low-paying category in your career-deciding list. But what if I say you can own your company once you get the demanded license? A contributor comments that his brother-in-law has earned $150k in the last 6 to 8 years after getting his master's license. He further shares that, hopefully, he will start a company that will soon make him a millionaire.

8. Pharmacist 

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Patients dealing with particularly those frustrated while waiting for a doctor for hours, never give good vibes. It can be challenging to adapt to this environment initially, but once you settle down, you can earn a pretty good salary. An individual comments he got his first salary of about $85k in 2005 while working as a hospital pharmacist, and now his income has doubled.

9. Air Traffic Controller 

Air Traffic Controller
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If you can fulfill the mental health statistics and age limit, an air traffic controller can be a high-paying job. An individual shares that while working at ATC, he can get $240k. But remember, this job can be stressful as you often have to sacrifice your sleep to accomplish your duties. 

10. Product Management 

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Most people working as a product manager are satisfied with their working days and salary. The individuals say working as a project manager is far less stressful. It is because you don't have to work on your projects; your duty is just to deliver and test the project details. The only way you can get in trouble is when you have to call an emergency meeting for any reason, but it rarely happens.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

Get access to my FREE guide now.