10 Excuses People Have For Not Tipping Delivery Drivers

Tipping has long been a topic of discussion and controversy, and it's no different when it comes to tipping delivery drivers. Despite it being a common practice, some people choose not to tip, and they have their reasons. Recently a debate burst out on a platform, and people shared why they choose not to tip delivery drivers.

1. The Dilemma of Tipping Delivery Drivers

Admittedly, tipping delivery drivers is not a user's cup of tea, despite their practice of doing so. They see tipping as a part of a “spoiled practice” where restaurants use it as an excuse not to pay their employees a fair wage. The user believes it is unfair that customers are expected to supplement restaurant workers' wages through tips. Despite this, the user feels obligated to tip the delivery drivers as they rely on the tips to make ends meet.

2. Cash is King: Opting Out of In-App Tipping

Confessing to a history of lackluster delivery service, one individual opts out of in-app tipping and instead bestows cash gratuities for superior service. Not only does this tactic yield better results, but the driver also avoids losing some of their earnings to taxes.

3. A History of Unfair Wages: The Downfall of Delivery Drivers

Bearing the brunt of a less-than-satisfactory encounter, a user airs their vexation toward the task of tipping delivery drivers. They share that they used to work for a pizza chain in the 90s and made great tips, but when the company introduced a delivery fee, everyone assumed it was for the driver when it was not. The user's job disappeared overnight, and the company began to ask them to work an extra unpaid hour a day, which included burning gas. As a result, tipping drivers now reminds them of the downfall of the delivery driver job.

4. Calling for Fair Compensation: Tipping as Exploitation

An advocate for fair compensation argues that the age-old justification by employers to pay lower wages in anticipation of tips is no longer acceptable. Drawing parallels between this practice and the infamous multi-level marketing schemes, they assert that tips, too, are a form of exploitation. With a critical outlook on the tipping culture and its manipulation by employers, the user calls for a shift towards a more equitable remuneration system.

5. Optional Gratuity: Questioning the Cultural Norm of Tipping

Voicing their discontent with the cultural norm of tipping, one compares handing over cash to a needy person on the street. They assert that tipping should be optional and that they tip when they like it. The user questions why customers are expected to worry about the financial well-being of others, whether it be the delivery driver or a homeless person, and why not tipping is seen as a negative thing.

6. The Double Payment Predicament: Tipping for Delivery

A discussion member expresses their exasperation with the custom of tipping delivery drivers, believing paying twice for a single service is unreasonable. The user elucidates that the delivery cost is already factored into their payment, and therefore, they perceive no rationality behind the additional tip.

7. Generosity vs. Financial Means: Why Some Don't Tip

A different participant responded straightforwardly to why individuals refrain from tipping delivery drivers. The user remarked that the reason is clear-cut – if they had wealth, they would gratify all service providers without a second thought. However, as they need more financial means, they cannot follow through with their romantic notions of generosity.

8. Tipping Less for Delivery: A Different Level of Service

Somebody acknowledges tipping delivery drivers but notes that they tip less than they would at a sit-down restaurant. They explain that while a delivery person is providing a service, it differs from someone directly serving customers in a restaurant. They believe that a tip is meant to be paid for a job done, and they don't see delivery drivers as providing the same level of service as waitstaff in a restaurant.

9. Equitable Distribution: Tipping for All Restaurant Staff

Offering a distinctive viewpoint on tipping delivery drivers, a contributor shares that they would initiate tipping only when drivers started collaborating on their gratuities with other kitchen personnel, including dishwashers and prep/pantry cooks. The user advocates for equitable distribution of tips amongst all restaurant staff, highlighting that solely remunerating the delivery drivers would be unjust.

10. The Delivery Fee Deception: Why One Person Avoids Delivery

Despite enjoying the convenience of food delivery, the ultimate recipient abstains from indulging due to a less-than-savory encounter with Pizza Hut. Recalling a time when they ordered four mouth-watering pizzas and incurred a delivery fee per pie, they assumed the charge was for tipping the driver. They later discovered that the fee was not for the driver's gratuity but for the restaurant's benefit. Frustrated by the misleading practice, they now steer clear of delivery orders, preferring to evade the vexatious and perplexing custom of tipping.

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