Quoting These 10 Books Makes You Sound Like a Pseudo Intellectual

It should be remembered that reading any book is a positive step, which can open up a person's mind and change his thinking. Some books show the image of pseudo-intellectuals and intellectuals. And people make beliefs by keeping them in mind. A person who claims to be highly skilled in knowledge activities but lacks knowledge is called a pseudo-intellectual.

1. Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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The logic in this book is that humans make up all the values of humans. There is no involvement of gods in the importance of humans. Else there is no involvement of nature in human matters. This is reality. The book is all written about the concept of the death of God and the Will to power. 

2. Being and Nothingness

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The concept of this book, being and nothingness, is based on logic. This is related to the structure of awareness and how we experience and receive the fact and what is happening around us. The author of this book has challenged that the whole world is wasteless and meaningless. He also said that human is gifted with the extract of their birth. 

3. Finnegans Wakes

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Finnegans Wake is a book in which the writer is faithful and tries to talk about things we cannot say. Show us something we cannot see—and try to make us feel those things we cannot express or understand daily.

4. Critique of Pure Reason

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A Critic of pure reason is a book whose theme is to study philosophy and the reality which is beyond human sense by changing the concept of how philosophy sees the world rather than asking people how their minds see the objects around them. The writer wondered how the thing conforms to the mind. 

5. Das Kapital

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 The book is one of the remarkable 19th-century works of Karl Marx. In this book, he describes the theory of the capitalist system and talks about its trends toward self-destruction and its informality. The book is a critical study of the economy related to politics. This book shows that the writer is totally against capitalism because he describes the opposing point of capitalism mode.

6. Simulacra and Simulation

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The author analyzes the relationship between the reality of society's symbols, culture, and the media's symbolism. He said, “There is no question of imitation, duplication. The question is only that the real for the real”. 

7. The Art of War

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The book Art of War revolves around many concepts, including identifying one's enemy and oneself, When to fight and when not, and how to mislead the enemy. The central theme of this book is how war is delayed by diplomacy.

8. Gravity's Rainbow

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The novel Gravity is a Rainbow is the symbol of god's promised Noah that he would never again destroy all the animals nor raise the springs of life above the devils. This book is hard to read because it includes many topics like Musk's destruction, quantum mechanisms, metaphysics, etc.

9. The Phenomenology of Spirit

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The book deal with it, starting with the lowest level of consciousness of human and reaching the high level of consciousness at which the human mind can attend to the point of view and become able to have an infinite self-conscious spirit.

10. The Communist Manifesto

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The book is based on modern Communism and argues that capitalism would destroy the world. The central theme of Communism is that it is based on profit-based economy ownership of public, private properties and the public on the natural resources of their society. Capitalism is a concept that is rejected by many philosophists because capitalism is against human civilization. It's only in favor of rulers and Kings. The public has no right to property. They are not able to have those things which are necessary for their development.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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