Foodies Unite: 10 Perfect Countries For Food Adventure

Some eat to live, and others live to eat. If you are a foodie from the latter group, settling for a single cuisine would be unjust when food worldwide offers varied tastes. Whether you love savory food or have a sweet tooth, you will likely find something to satisfy your taste buds by following the list of countries below.

1. Mexico

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When visiting Mexico, you cannot help but love the local food. Everything has a unique yet mouthwatering flavor, from tacos and burritos to salsa and quesadilla. Mexican food has inspired many recipes globally, and UNESCO considers the cuisine an intangible cultural heritage for humanity. A Korean who loved Mexican food shared that his mother was almost ashamed that he didn't have Korean food daily.

2. Italy

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Finding someone who is not fond of pizza and pasta is difficult, but Italy has much more to offer. It has a vast cuisine with risotto, gnocchi, and Florence steaks and gelato for dessert, which are heavenly. Italian bread breads are on the list of must-haves. A commenter was willing to eat authentic Italian pizza daily for their remaining life.  

3. Thailand

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Thailand is a treat for food lovers with a perfect combination of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors. The varied tastes offer many options, from noodles to curries and stir-fried to soups. The recipes include many ingredients, herbs, and spices, giving the dishes their complex yet unique flavor. A respondent considered themselves lucky to be able to eat Thai food for a year and were willing to eat it for a lifetime.   

4. Japan

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Japan is ideal for people who like subtle, healthy, yet flavorful food. Japan has a few options for spice lovers that might surprise their taste buds. The primary aim of Japanese food is to offer the natural taste of the ingredients. An immigrant from Japan acknowledged that the food cooked at home and in restaurants focuses on the taste and quality of ingredients.

5. Greece

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Full of fresh ingredients matured in the Mediterranean climate, Greek food is an enthusiast's dream. Everything is appetizing whether you try traditional moussaka, the more recent Gyros, and Souvlaki, or the divine yogurt sauce, Tzatziki Greece. Even the goat and feta cheese are unparalleled. A user acknowledged his inability to give up other foods to settle for Greek food and would have been happy if the goal was achieved someday.

6. China

Beijing, China
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In a large country like China, diverse cuisine is not surprising, and it is sometimes unbelievable that they are from the same country. While Cantonese food focuses on the original flavor of ingredients, Szechuan is about the variety of flavors and spices, and Hunan is renowned for its hot and spicy flavors. A respondent admitted that one could eat a different dish from China daily for life and still always have choices.

7. Vietnam

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Vietnamese food is inspired by cultures like France, Thailand, and China and thus can provide both variety and satisfaction. Whether it is pho, banh mi, or egg coffee, the rich cultural food is a treat for any foodie. Somebody who had recently relocated to a town with a large Vietnamese population shared his surprise at the scrumptious food and how each dish tried became the new favorite.

8. India

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With a wide variety of regional foods, India offers something for everybody. The cuisine offers finger-licking vegetarian dishes that you may no longer crave for meat, yet meat options are equally delicious. A user considered other vegetarian dishes unparalleled after tasting food at an Indian buffet. A second user who listed numerous choices believed he had missed a lot of names.

9. Turkey

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Turkish food has an ideal blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Turkish food relies more on cooking techniques and fresh ingredients than spices. The food options include but are not limited to different Kebabs and Pilav varieties, as well as Saksuka and Kisir. A Turkish food fan was unhappy as their residence had limited Turkish food options. Another respondent was pleasantly surprised at his first encounter with Turkish food and wished for more.

10. France

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French food is known and appreciated worldwide for its use of high-quality ingredients, richly infused flavors, and impeccable presentation. Classic French dishes are extremely difficult to master and may require years of practice. Desserts from France are unlike any other, with a massive range including Macarons, Éclair, Pain Au Chocolate, and the yummy Chouquette. An individual considered French food to be ‘lovely and soul-nourishing.'

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