Gaming in Virtual Reality: 10 Must-Try VR Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) has become increasingly popular as an entertainment medium in recent years. The introduction of VR headsets in the market led to the production of thrilling and adventurous games. Listed below are the must-try VR experiences every gamer should try.

1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

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This game is perfect for players who are always thrilled to feel themselves in VR space. Its simple control of the camera with 360-degree rotation and smoothness of virtual scenes without any dizzying movements make players feel like they are in a challenging space. While playing Astro Bot Rescue Mission, you control the titular Astro, a blue-eyed robot. You must rescue your compatriots scattered in space by using a water gun, throwing stars, etc.

2. Blade and Sorcery

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With the combination of intuitive action and pronounced physics, Blade and Sorcery seems like a brutal VR game. While entering the game, you become a magic-toting psychopath who murders the warriors crossing his pathway. The telekinetic abilities of this VR game allow you to summon weapons, shoot lightning, and blast rubble, giving you satisfying action and thrill.

3. Ghost Giant

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It is a game for expert puzzle solvers. Ghost Giant offers you fun by combining puzzles and adventurous interactions while playing. While joining this VR game, you're converted into a titular Ghost Giant and help a cat named Louis. You must favor the cat by solving the puzzles, lifting the items, and interacting with other villagers in your virtual town.

4. Elite: Dangerous

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This VR game gives you the experience of sitting in a complex spacecraft and facing challenges while flying. Elite: Dangerous has complicated controls and systems, which need steep learning to manage every spacecraft function. You have to work hard to learn how to control the spaceship. Then, you will get the hauntingly memorable action and excitement while playing the VR game.

5. Everybody's Golf VR

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Gamers always find Everybody's Golf the best option for experiencing a real golf course. Despite its strange location and quirky caddies, this game is incredibly rewarding, thanks to its control and finesse. Besides the virtual caddy, you have to play through several courses and practice your skills at the driving range.

6. Beat Saber

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Go with Beat Saber if you are an active player looking for something in combination with music and action. You will find its setup similar to other music-based games such as Rock Back, but virtual laser swords instead of mechanical instruments put you in a real situation. You must hit the color-coded blocks generated with music using different controllers in this game. 

7. I Expect You To Die

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The game is geared toward those who enjoy playing escape rooms, spy flicks, and solving puzzles. You will get the real action when you feel yourself in the world of villains and spies while playing. The only option for your survival will be the use of your intelligence. This VR game offers you life-threatening situations that you have to cross as a spy.

8. Half-Life: Alyx

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Half-life: Alyx is an excellent VR game for players impatiently waiting for Half-Life 3. Alyx's storytelling, combat, and visuals make it the ideal VR game for Half-Life fans. While playing, you have to combat the enemy's combined forces by searching for their weakness. Designed specifically for VR, this experience boasts impressive physics mechanics and top-of-the-line graphics.

9. Lone Echo

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Lone Echo is a VR game based on science-fiction adventures for a stellar single-player. In this game, you have to play as Jack, who is an AI character. A captain's assistance in unraveling the dangerous mystery has made this game extremely entertaining. This game is on a space station orbiting Saturn's rings and has excellent VR controls.

10. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

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It is a multiplayer game that gives you a hilarious experience by forcing you to cooperate and communicate with your friends. You have to defuse the bomb with the help of your collaborators in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The game splits into two player groups: defusers and experts. Experts can only read the manual but can't see the bomb. In contrast, the defuser can examine the bomb but doesn't have to exceed the manual.

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