10 Money Matters You Should Not Overlook

It is nearly impossible to pre-plan everything. Both Average-income earners and well-to-do people struggle to keep the budget in check in the face of unexpected expenses. Something or other will be overlooked even if attention is paid to the minutest of details and plans made for all the potential spending. Let's contemplate matters that may cause a well-set and controlled budget to crumble.

1. House Maintenance Expenses

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With house purchase comes a ton of unplanned expenses. The sewer pipe might break, resulting in a flooded bathroom or a hail storm damaging the roof. These uncalled-for expenses may leave a hole in your pocket. A user shared his ordeal with his previous house, where he had to go for maintenance during every holiday in the four years of the house ownership.

2. Job Loss

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You never anticipate being laid off; it is something one takes for granted, i.e., you will be employed till retirement. In case such an incident happens, life takes a U-turn. An individual shared hard times when she and her husband were made redundant on the same day. During COVID times, a second user recounted how he was expecting a raise after graduating when he was laid off.  

3. Co-Signing A Loan 

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When co-signing a loan, you pledge to pay off the loan if the initial borrower cannot. You sign as you completely trust the borrower and don't anticipate that you will be left alone to pay off the entire amount. A former car finance employee explained that unsuspecting partners often signed and ended up paying the whole amount after the breakup without having any advantage of the car. 

4. Outliving The Insurance Policy

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A life insurance retirement policy helps you feel that all your expenses are paid for during retirement. However, life is unpredictable, and so is the time of death. If you outlive your predetermined age, you will lose all the benefits. A person formerly running a private EMS remembered transporting a 112-year-old woman to SNF from her condo who had outlived her 110-year-old insurance policy.

5. Dental Procedures

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Dental procedures are expensive, and you never know when you might need one. Your medical insurance covers dental procedures only in case of trauma or medical conditions affecting your mouth. A respondent warned about oral health as he ignored it due to depression and had to pay the high-priced treatment with a 60-month loan with two thousand in interest.

6. Divorce

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While getting married, one wishes and vows to spend a lifetime together, but then the unforeseen happens, i.e., divorce. Divorce not only breaks the heart but also the bank. One user listed the financial repercussions of divorce: first comes the exorbitant divorce settlement and then living-alone burdens like relying on one paycheck vs. one, changes in the bills, the cost of furnishing the new house, etc.

7. Car Insurance And Tickets 

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It's lovely to own a car, but most of us consider car insurance after buying one and are surprised to find the costly insurance that sometimes exceeds the cost of the vehicle itself. Drive carefully, as paying for tickets is a cost none of us want to incur. A veteran insurance agent advises calling the insurance agent to check the insurance costs before buying the car.

8. Vet Bills

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The home feels warm with the presence of pets, and seeing them suffer is heart-wrenching. Tending to them means high-cost vet bills. Even the insurance feels like a rip-off to many. One user recounts having spent $6k for one day of treatment of their pup suffering from pneumonia and still was able to save him.  

9. Getting Sick

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Every one of us prays for a healthy and happy life. Still, we get sick, and most of the medical expenses are covered by insurance. In some cases, insurance covers none of the bill or only partly. In such circumstances, God forbid, one not only loses health but also deals with finances. A commenter suffering from chronic illness described how she lost her job and was left dependent on her husband. 

10. A Child With a Health Problem

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Becoming parents is the best feeling in the world. If it's not heartbreaking enough to learn that your child is unwell or has special needs, the additional expenses are like a death sentence. A worried mother shared her ordeal as she couldn't afford $35000 eye surgery for her one-year-old, and the insurance company was not helping either.

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