10 Practical Ways to Forget Your Loser Ex

After the breakup, the wise act is to get over the loser's ex instead of regretting and crying. Here are practical ways for this shared by some people online.

1. Avoid All Types of Contacts

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One commentator stated that one efficient way that he practiced forgetting his ex was by cutting off all contact. He added that he blocked her from all social media platforms. He blocked her number and quit all cafes where she was supposed to be. This helps to forget the ex and start a new life.

2. Get a New Look

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This is a very helpful technique and hack. If someone wants to get rid of a person or partner, he/ she must change looks because looks have a deep connection with memories. He/she must visit a spa, get glowing skin, and get a new hair color and haircut. This will motivate me to start a new life and forget the past.

3. Engage Yourself in Something Productive

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The first thing after breaking up is to forget about that person. Because remembering and regretting the breakup is the most painful thing to forget, one should engage in something productive. Focus on your studies, avail of short courses, and get a full-time job o a part-time job. Start reading, make friends, and stay busy.

4. Set Your Goals

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Losing an ex is not a big deal. Life does not end there. This is a chance to start a new life. Wise advice says that one should set a goal after the breakup. This goal could be anything. It may include achieving some award, making money, earning a reputation, or volunteering for some organization and sticking to this goal. It will help to overcome the breakup.

5. Forgive and Move On

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Recalling bad memories is painful. Or wasting time figuring out who was faulty or invested more in the relationship is insanity. Thus the wise act is to forgive, forget and move on. Just forgive the ex and let it go. And now, one should think about themselves.

6. Avoid Emotions

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Emotions are natural. No one can ignore them. But the only thing that can be done is to repress and avoid these emotions. Try different ways for this. One can seek healing therapy, smiling therapy, or contact someone close. This will be helpful to overcome the emotions and will make them strong.

7. Delete All Reminders

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In relationships, people set alarms for special days and events. For example, the birthday alarm, anniversary alarm, date and dinner memories alarm, and first gift alarms. All these things will be painful onwards. This one should immediately delete all the alarms just after the breakup.

8. Give Value to Yourself

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Keep the morale high. It is wise to consider that you deserve something better. Or God has planned something better in your life. Do not blame yourself. You are not faulty. All these statements can help eliminate the regret of breakup and losing the ex.

9. Do Not Think About Past

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It is a saying of a wise man more one thinks about the past, the more his future is destroyed. Thus one helpful tip is to avoid bad memories. Do not think about the talks, dinners, gifts, and memories. Let the past go and create new memories.

10. Find Someone Better

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One participant shared that one should find a new partner immediately to eliminate the ex because some people do not survive without a partner. They need care, love, and affection all time. If someone is not available to listen to them, it destroys their mental health. They feel alone and broken. They can not focus on work and their life. And they end up giving up on life. Thus they must have someone to help in healing.

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