Beware the Bottom: Only Move to One of These 10 States if You Want To Stay Poor

Some states of the United States are facing poverty instability. And the indicators say that these states will remain poor in the future. Thus if anyone wants to remain poor forever, he must bag a pack to shift to these poor states as soon as possible.

1. Mississippi

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Mississippi is a place where one can have zero development chances. The economic condition of people in this state is poor. 19.58% live under the poverty line. There are no proper jobs available for fresh and experienced people. The limited jobs offer low wages. The condition of healthcare and the quality of education is also in poor condition.

2. Louisiana

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Anyone who wants to experience a poor life must move to Louisiana. The poverty rate in Louisiana is 18.65%. Education is the main factor that determines the future of a country or region. The quality of education in Louisiana is in bad condition. Thus there is no chance for the development of Louisiana. The infrastructure in this state is damaged, and no new technologies are available.

3. New Mexico

Morning view of the famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta event at New Mexico

New Mexico is known for its enthralling scenes and beauty. But in insufficiency, it ranks 3rd among all states of the United States. The percentage of poverty in New Mexico is around about 18.55%. More than half the population lives in rural areas. People do not have access to higher education and technology. The career opportunities are limited.

4. West Virginia

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West Virginia is ranked as the 4th poorest country, and its poverty rate is 17.10%. The economic resource of West Virginia is mineral extraction. Since last decades the production of coal has been reducing. This reduction is creating a huge burden on the economy of this state. Since then, West Virginia has ranked high among the poorest states of the US.

5. Kentucky

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Many reasons make Kentucky a poor state. This state has a long and vast history of unemployment. The available fewer jobs do not provide increments and facilities, no bonuses, and job security. There are no proper findings for schools. The economic opportunities are limited. Due to the lack of these facilities, people face bad mental health. The statics says there are 16.6% of poor people.

6. Arkansas

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In Arkansas, if one is not born into a rich family, he has to struggle for the rest of his life. Minimal wages, job depressions, low standard of education, high competition, and poor business strategies are the features of this state. There the poverty rate is 16.08%. This state is best for those who want to stay poor forever. 

7. Alabama

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Alabama is an unstable state. Its political environment, business fields, and economic conditions are deteriorating. All these factors contribute to the failure of progress of this state. The percentage of poor people in the state is 15.98% already. This state is declared unsafe due to its high crime rates.

8. District of Columbia

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Gender inequality, income inequality, and racial discrimination are common in the District of Colombia. Many things are beyond the access of poor people, which is 15.45%. Even they can not get basic needs such as making a house. A recent survey shows 12.1 % of families and 10.2% of single individuals are homeless.

9. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is one of the poorest states in the United States. Recent statics show that 15.6% of Oklahoma's population lives under the poverty line. The problem of unemployment is prominent in this state. The majority of people are non-developed. And they are struggling with basic needs. The economic condition of this state is unstable. Thus there are no near future development chances in this state.

10. South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina
South Carolina

5.1 million people live in South Carolina. Out of this number, 18.55% are poverty-stricken. Low life expectancy in this state indicates poor health facilities and technologies. Street crimes involving snatching, harassing, pickpocketing, fraud, and theft are common here. One will remain poor forever if he has plans to shift to South Carolina.

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