10 Items People Think Should Be Fine To Steal

In a world where theft is typically regarded as immoral and unlawful, there are still some gray areas where people debate whether certain things are okay to take without permission or payment. Let's look at some surprising items people believe should be okay to steal, as shared by various individuals online.

1. The Ethics of Piracy

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One individual has a controversial belief that it's reasonable to pirate digital content that is no longer available for purchase through legitimate means. They argue that plundering becomes an acceptable solution if there's no legal way to obtain these goods. However, this viewpoint raises ethical questions about intellectual property rights and the impact of piracy on creators and industries.

2. The Temptation of Extra Products

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Imagine accidentally receiving an extra product you didn't pay for from Amazon. A savvy shopper admits feeling like they scored a bonus, even though they returned the item and received a refund. The temptation of “getting one over” on a large corporation like Amazon is understandable, but ultimately it's crucial to do the right thing and return any extra items that weren't paid for.

3. The Morality of Thievery

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Are certain media and games only available through overpriced third-party sellers? A gamer argues that thievery is morally acceptable if they are no longer accessible through official channels. They believe using emulation to obtain these “obscure vidja” is justifiable.

4. The Dumpster Diver's Dilemma

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A dumpster diver shared their opinion on taking things from the trash, saying they believe it's okay to take anything discarded. They view it as recycling and better than letting something go to waste. However, they acknowledge that it may only sometimes be legal and caution people to check local laws before doing so.

5. Borrowing Umbrellas in Public Spaces

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Do you consider umbrellas fair game in public spaces? According to a seasoned Japanese resident who has lived there for over a decade, it is common to borrow them temporarily when left unattended. However, taking an umbrella without permission is still considered theft and could have legal consequences.

6. Electronic Textbooks: Pay or Download

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Are you sick and tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars for electronic textbooks? Well, according to one savvy scholar, it's time to take matters into your own hands. They argue that it's perfectly acceptable to download those pricey books without paying a dime – especially when it comes to single-use textbooks that you'll never be able to resell anyway. And let's remember the authors, who are apparently getting shortchanged on profits. 

7. Swiping Academic Papers: Justified or Not

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Picture this: a rebel standing on a soapbox passionately arguing that swiping academic papers and textbooks is perfectly fine. Why, you ask? According to them, the actual authors hardly see any profit from their hard work, while publishers charge exorbitant prices for a single read. And wait to even get them started on submitting to journals – apparently, that requires yet another payment! It's no wonder they're taking matters into their own hands. But is their rebellion justified, or is it a step too far?

8. Emulating Old Nintendo Games

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Is it okay to emulate old Nintendo games if the company no longer supports the original systems? A retro gamer believes that if the company isn't going to maintain its old game systems, there's nothing wrong with emulating them. They also add that it allows gamers to experience classic games they may not have access to otherwise.

9. Fruit From a Neighbor's Tree: Fair Game or Trespassing?

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Is fruit from a neighbor's tree that overlaps with your property fair game? Fruit lover argues that they can pick and enjoy the fruit on their side of the fence. They believe the neighbor should have trimmed the tree to prevent it from crossing the property line if they didn't want them to take the fruit.

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