10 Jokes and Gestures Only Men Understand

Men have their own language. It can be certain words, jokes, or even a simple head nod. Still, it seems universally understood by other men, not by women.

1. How Are Your Pockets

And we kick off the list with a joke, of course, ” I'm going to tell you about two pairs of trousers I own that have special pockets inside the pocket.” jokes one user. “My pockets have pockets. So many pockets and yet, nothing to put in them.”

Another user jumped on the joke, “If I wear my special trousers alongside a normal hoodie and coat, I have 12 pockets. Twelve whole pockets to put my phone, wallet, and vape. Sometimes I forget which pocket has anything in it because I have so many of them.”

2. Hey, Look What I Found

“To guys, this automatically means want to come check it out and tinker around with it until we inevitably break it and then try to fix it again.” One user says, “It's funny watching my friends instantly gather around like curious little monkeys, picking it up and figuring out the mystery behind it, whatever it may be.”

This could also mean something smelly, something gross, or weird. Another user commented, “Guys are immediately intrigued. Ladies, not so much.”

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3. The Nod

One user answered, “Don't have to say anything, just a nod.” This nod can mean many things: hello, how's your day? Did you see that? No matter what they are trying to say, it is known by the recipient.

Another user commented, “I can walk into a room, give the nod to my friend, and it says, hi -how ya doing? and he will respond with a nod saying, good man, how bout you?”

4. It's Clean; I Smelled It

“The smell test is foolproof. We don't care so much about putting our clothes away, so we're unsure if it's clean or dirty. Also, sometimes we skip laundry day, and we can re-wear something as long as it smells fine.”

5. Joke Flirting

One user confessed, “Every friend I have flirted with each other as a joke. I have done this around a woman friend. Her reaction was as if we were dating.”

“women are unsure how to take a flirt,” one user states. “When it's among friends, it's almost always a joke. No one is friends with a woman for a long time, then wakes up one day and decides to flirt with her because he's in love with her.”

6. Dress Left or Right

The tailor confused his wife when this man was getting fitted for a suit. “Do you dress to the left or right?” My wife had no idea what the tailor was asking. So I had to explain it to her later after we got home.”

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7. Where Do You Want To Eat?

“Men do joke about this. If you ask a friend this, he will laugh and shrug, saying, “I don't know,” jokingly,” explained one user. “I did this once in front of a friend's wife. He laughed, made the typical response, and she stood there and asked what was funny.”

A woman answered, “I know when you guys joke about this. I may even giggle a little, too. The only difference is, when I say I don't know back, I'm not making a joke.”

8. Saving Face

“When a man says, I'm just not her type, or we don't want to ruin the friendship. What he means is I made my move, she didn't like it, but I don't want my ego shattered.” stated one man.

He continued, “No man likes to be vulnerable, especially in front of another man. We all know it's a cop-out, but we have mutual respect to not call each other out on the lie.”

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9. It's That Thing, You Know

One man says, “It's that thing, you know, the thing that one guy with the face had. and his friends will know what this “thing” is. I was once dating this woman and overheard her telling her friends about a conversation she had heard me have with a couple of my buddies.”

He continued, “apparently, what she heard was, I bought one of those things that guy with all the shoes has. I'm going to try it out Saturday. She asked me later what I was talking about. It was a new bag for my bowling ball.”

10. The Number of Available Urinals Is (N+1)/2. Let N = Number of Urinals.

One guy tried to explain, “I was trying to explain this to my wife. If there are seven urinals with someone at 2 and 6 and the other five are empty, the next guy that comes in doesn't have a choice—only one urinal is available. However, the guy that comes in after him has a choice of four different urinals.”

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