“Just Follow The (Government) Science” Many Believe in These 10 Conspiracy Theories Just Because They’re Based on ‘Science’

We've heard the phrase “follow the science” quite a bit in recent years. Here are ten conspiracy theories many believe because they're based on “science.”

1. The Geese and the Goose: A Singular Misunderstanding

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The first user states that his ex-girlfriend told him that ‘geese' was not the plural form of ‘goose,' but rather two entirely different animals.” The perplexing revelation left him bewildered, questioning the accuracy of his own knowledge. He found himself caught in a comical paradox, unsure whether to trust his instincts or reconsider his understanding of the English language.

2. When Gaming Meets Reality: The Speed of Red Cars

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Someone shared an amusing experience involving an old friend and her boyfriend while playing a racing console game. The user states, “He jokingly claimed, ‘I'm getting the red car because it goes faster.'” Astonishingly, his girlfriend, with genuine curiosity, responded, “Do red cars go faster in games too?” The question hung in the air, capturing the innocence and naivety of her remark.

3. Braces and Descendants: A High School Myth

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An individual shares a memorable misconception from high school. Their classmate confidently declared, “Our descendants will have straight teeth because everyone in our generation had braces.

4. Hitler's Wax Figure: Startling Revelation

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A humorous encounter is shared by a commenter involving a visit to a wax museum in San Francisco. Their sister made a startling observation while admiring the collection of political figures. In all seriousness, she turned to her sibling and remarked, “That Adolf guy looks a lot like Hitler.” The user couldn't help but chuckle at the apparent revelation, highlighting the sometimes surprising lack of historical knowledge or the subtle humor that can arise from unexpected moments of clarity.

5. Paper and Pancreas: Misguided Warning

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A person recalls an amusing conversation with their mother. Their mother advised them against allowing their child to eat paper because they believed it would lodge in their pancreas. This peculiar misconception left the user shortly confused. Realizing the absurdity of her statement, their mother promptly admitted that it was one of those childhood misconceptions she had internalized.

6. Birth Control Beliefs: Surprising Misconception

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On a bus, a girl expressed her frustration about an unexpected pregnancy to this commenter. She attributed it to her boyfriend's strange belief that taking her birth control pills on her behalf would prevent her from experiencing adverse side effects. With a mix of incredulity and sympathy, the user listened as she revealed her certainty that her boyfriend must have forgotten to take the pills occasionally, resulting in their impending parenthood.

7. Knee Pain and the Apocalypse: A Doctor's Tale

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One user narrates a conversation with a doctor they dated, who shared an incredible story. The doctor had encountered a patient aiming for a cortisone shot for knee pain, to which the doctor suggested a more permanent solution involving surgery. However, the patient responded, “I'm not interested in a permanent solution because the apocalypse is coming in a couple of months.”

8. Alcohol Math: Misconceptions in ABV

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An individual shares a fun experience. They had a friend who was studying accounting as a major with good grades but displayed a significant misconception. The friend firmly believed that a 24 oz 10% ABV alcoholic beverage would only be equivalent to two regular beers. They reasoned that the first 12 ounces with 5% ABV and the second 12 ounces with 5% ABV combined to form the beverage's overall alcohol content.

9. Cfl Bulbs and Mercury Melodrama

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A guest at this user's workplace expressed bloated fears regarding broken CFL bulbs. The guest insisted that calling in specialized professionals and spending thousands of dollars were necessary for cleaning up the mercury contained in the bulbs. Attempting to provide clarification, the user explained the minimal amount of mercury present and the safe measures for cleaning up. Astonishingly, the guest responded by threatening to have the user arrested for attempted murder through mercury poisoning.

10. Vanilla vs. Banana: Flavor Confusion

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During a casual outing with their sister, someone shares a lighthearted incident. While searching for vanilla Coke, they discovered that the store had run out of stock, leaving only regular Coke available. In a peculiar attempt to replicate the desired flavor, the user's sister inserted a banana into the Coke. She believed vanilla and banana were interchangeable flavors, leading to her unconventional solution.

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