“He Cheated And Now She’s Heartbroken” 10 Hard-Knock-Life Lessons People Learned After Infidelity

Infidelity can profoundly impact relationships, leading to heartbreak, lessons learned, and unexpected consequences. Here are ten experiences and insights from those who have been through this difficult time.

1. Betrayed and Reborn: A Journey of Healing

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The first user shared their personal experience of being cheated on by their fiancée. They revealed that their ex-partner had gone on an internship, only to return and break up with them while secretly dating someone else. They described their initial struggles with depression but expressed that things had improved since then. They mentioned going on their first date since the breakup, seeking well wishes from others.

2. Love Lost in Resentment: A Tale of Broken Promises

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In a reflection on their past affair, someone believed that their partner didn't truly love them. The user shared that they had met their partner before college, both aiming for success in a competitive field. However, when their partner failed academically and had to make alternative plans, resentment grew between them, leading to a deteriorating relationship.

3. The Airline Pilot's Double Life: A Complex Web of Infidelity

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One person identifying as an airline pilot revealed their involvement in maintaining two families, one in India and one in the USA. They offered to provide more details or answer questions if interested, suggesting a complex situation of infidelity and dual relationships.

4. Forbidden Love: Cheating to Commitment

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Recounting their romantic encounter, another person admitted to cheating on their previous girlfriend with someone they met at a club. Despite ending their previous relationship, the user and their new partner remained together for four years and now live together.

5. Guilt and Everlasting Love: A Strengthening Affair

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Reflecting on their college years, this individual confessed to cheating on their girlfriend with an old fling. Unexpectedly, their relationship became stronger afterward, leading to marriage. However, the guilt and anxiety surrounding the affair continued to haunt them even years later.

6. Shifting Priorities: Impact of an Affair

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A participant in the thread noted that after an affair, certain grievances that their partner used to nag them about became less important. They believed that it wasn't because they had improved but rather because their partner's attention had shifted elsewhere, potentially toward the affair partner.

7. Thrill of New Love: Aftermath of an Affair

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Describing the aftermath of an affair, somebody observed that their partner became more affectionate and demonstrative than before. This change was attributed not to guilt but to the excitement and thrill of a new relationship, which could spill over into their primary partnership.

8. Craigslist Affairs Unveiled: Infidelity and Callousness

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Sharing a story from a friend's experience, a savvy user discussed encounters facilitated through Craigslist that often resulted in ongoing affairs. Their friend discovered that the person they met on Craigslist was married with children, despite being employed as a waiter at a restaurant called BJ's. When their friend expressed guilt and concern for the wife, the individual's response demonstrated a lack of guilt, emphasizing the existence of people who engage in cheating without considering the impact on their partners.

9. The Other Woman's Redemption: Friendship and Escape

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Revealing their role as the “other woman,” the commenter in the thread described how they eventually became friends with the person's wife. During a lunch conversation, they broached the topic of open relationships, suggesting that the wife should explore dating outside of her marriage if she was unhappy. Following the user's departure, the wife and the user ended their relationship with the person due to mistreatment.

10. Surprising Self-Discovery: Unraveling Multiple Affairs

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Expressing a sense of disbelief, the final individual marveled at the idea of attracting the attention of two women. The comment implied that the user had a low self-perception regarding their desirability and found it improbable that they could engage in relationships with multiple partners. This realization sparked introspection about their actions and decisions, prompting them to contemplate the consequences and lessons learned from their affair.

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