On Shaky Ground: Ranking the 10 U.S. States with the Most Financial Instability

There are many states in the United States. All states have different features and pride. Some states are stable, and some are not. The ten most financially unstable states are mentioned on an online platform.

1. New Mexico

Morning view of the famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta event at New Mexico

New Mexico is facing financial instability. Many factors make this beautiful state bad in terms of economics. More than 18% of people in New Mexico live under the poverty line. The issue of unemployment is prominent. The facilities for health care for general and maternal are not satisfactory. The quality of education in New Mexico is not of a good standard. That is why the majority of people are not happy in this state.

2. Tennessee 

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Tennessee has been ranked in the top eight counties that are distressed. The rural areas of this county are in bad condition. Its poverty and unemployment rate are also high. The government of Tennessee is working hard to stabilize the economic condition. The initiatives have been taken to develop infrastructure in rural areas and provide health care. But still all in vain.

3. Alabama

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The poverty rate in Alabama is 16.1%. The health and education status is poor in this state. The crime rates in Alabama are higher than the average national rate. This means that people of this state apply criminal means to fulfill their needs because the crime rate indicates whether the area is stable or not.

4. West Virginia

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The child labor force is very common in West Virginia. The literacy rate is low, and the poverty rate is high. In this state, there are no proper transportation systems. Rural areas are facing bad health care conditions. Even the weather in this state remains unpredictable. The communication services remain down at all times.

5. Hawaii

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Hawaii is a very popular state for tourism. Its sunny and calm beaches are a place of attraction. But in terms of the economy, this state is facing problems. The unstable political environment and corrupt system is the main reason. Recent reports have shown that approximately six thousand people are homeless in Hawaii. Drug abuse is very common in this state.

6. Kentucky

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Kentucky is under high debt. The security systems are not strong there. Due to this, undocumented money transactions happen there. Kentucky people are facing a high rate of obesity due to a lack of awareness and literacy. Due to this, death rates are high in this region.

7. Texas 

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Living in Texas is the worst choice. The climate is hot, the traffic is always stuck, and the government asks for high taxes. The political environment also remains hot. And this result in ignorance of financial management. Expensive housing, poor and illiterate people, less intelligence, homeschooled kids, and drugged adults are featured in this state.

8. Alaska

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The main issue faced by Alaska is unemployment. The main reason for this employment is the season-based jobs. Most jobs are available in the summer months. These jobs include all the summer activities such as fishing, tourism, swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, and picnics. When this season ends, this tenure of job ends with this. And till the next summer, most people remain unemployed. And this exerts pressure on the economy of the state.

9. Michigan

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It is very expensive to live in Michigan because there are high property taxes there. Overall, living expenditures are a burden in this state. And increasing crime rates are common throughout this state. 

10. Arizona

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Arizona is present in the southwestern side of the United States. This state is known for its economic instability. The majority of people live below the poverty line here. Maiden household incomes are very low. There are no advanced health facilities available in this state. There is a labor force shortage and product supply problem in this region. The rising inflation is also an important factor in its financial instability.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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