Male Magnets: 10 Qualities in Women That Men Simply Adore

It is not a false statement that men and women both are two different creatures. With their behaviors, desires, and attitude, each one is completely different from the other. Men, in general, have some specific expectations from women around them. A few of them have such strange desires that it seems odd to women.

1. Attractive Neck Line

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Women may find it strange that men are attracted to a nice-looking neck. For men, a good-looking neckline is what they find attractive in a woman. It seems to be the sharp jawline, necklines, and sharp collarbone have some extraordinary allure that men are attracted to it. It's elegance that raises some sensational desires in men. 

2. A Ponytail With Two Loose Strands in the Front

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Men love it when women make a ponytail and let two loose strands in front. They will come and play with their face each time they move. Men fall for the simplicity of women when they do this hairstyle. It gives a practical look to men that this woman is simple and full of feminine energy.

3. Romantic Gestures

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Romantic gestures are one of those things men are a huge fan of. Mostly, men are romantic and take the first step in romanticizing their relationship. They plan surprises and gifts for their women. At the same time, they love to be surprised. When their women surprise them with thoughtful gifts, romantic letters, and surprise dates, they fall more for their women. 

4. A Lady Chef 

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It seems to be the oldest and wisest saying that the way to a man's heart passes through his stomach. Men won't dare deny this fact because they love to have a nice meal. When their woman makes a special effort to cook something nice for them, or their favorite dish, men feel a separate kind of joy. They feel important and pampered by women's love.

5. A Woman Who Speaks Cars

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Cars seem to be men's first love. If you go and ask a man, he will tell you about his favorite car model, its features, and everything about it. A woman who understands and speaks the car language is a dream girl for such men. It is just like they have found a soulmate who can understand them.

6. Pampering Treatments

Man doing spa
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Getting pampered by spa treatments is often considered a stereotypical thing for women. But you will be amazed to hear that men also love getting pampered. Take your man to a spa with you, and you will see how much he loves getting facial massages, manicures, and pedicures. He'll be more than happy at the end of the day. 

7. Dance and Expressive Arts

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Society often attaches this stigma to men who don't express their feelings. In contrast, the reality is the opposite. Men love to express their feelings. They just need to find the right one to express. So it's obvious for men interested in dance and other expressive arts such as painting, writing, etc. 

8. Women in Cozy Clothes

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Have you ever encountered your man looking at you which praise in his eyes when you were sitting wearing your cozy clothes? You will be amazed that men love it when women get cozy in their clothes. They feel a kind of comfort in this, thinking my woman is comfortable around me. Besides, it looks cute to them.

9. Yoga and Meditation

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Another stereotypical thing that is attached to women is yoga and meditation. But a huge majority of men are interested in yoga and meditation. They like to care for their mental health and find it attractive. Women with the same interest also attract them for the same reason.

10. Longing for Deep Conversations

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Deep conversations are often taken for granted with men. Women mostly think that it's not a man's thing, or we will be ruining our time together if we get into deep conversations. But the reality is quite the opposite, as men are too long for deep conversations. A deep conversation on emotions, reality, spirituality, and personal growth may feel fulfilling to a man beyond your imagination.

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