10 Nasty Surprises Women Got When They Moved In With A Man

1. The Sacred Shaving Ritual

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A woman had an eye-opening experience when she moved in with her partner and discovered that shaving is a sacred ritual for men. Her husband takes great care and pride in perfecting his shaving routine, and the results are flawless. She was fascinated to learn about men's unique methods for achieving a perfect shave.

2. The Shirt Re-Wear Rule

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Discovering the differences between how men and women view dirty clothes can be shocking, as one woman found out. Her partner only considered clothes dirty if they smelled bad, had fresh stains, or were wet. He saw no problem with wearing a shirt more than once before washing it, which was a revelation to her.

3. To Make or Not To Make the Bed

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Making the bed every morning may seem like a basic task, but it's optional for some. One woman learned this when she moved in with her husband, who only saw the point of making the bed if it was visibly dirty. He prioritized efficiency and practicality over aesthetics, which surprised her.

4. Blankets as Curtains

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Moving in with a partner can bring to light some unexpected living habits, as one woman discovered when she found out her boyfriend used blankets as curtains. She insisted on buying actual curtains, but he thought it was an unnecessary expense. They eventually found a compromise, and their home now boasts stylish and functional window treatments.

5. The Beauty Supply Borrowers

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Sharing a living space with a partner can lead to surprising discoveries, as one user discovered when she caught her male partner using her beauty products. At first, she was taken aback, but she soon found it endearing and even enjoyed sharing her self-care routine with him. It shows that you never know what you might learn about your partner when you live together.

6. The Shedding Struggle

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Living with a man can reveal some unexpected truths, as one user discovered when she realized the extent of body hair shedding. While she was aware of hair shedding from her head, living with a man showed her how much hair they could lose from their legs, chest, and other body parts. It was an adjustment, but she learned to get used to finding small, dark hairs everywhere.

7. The Burping Roommate

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When living with a male roommate, one woman discovered that some guys like to make a big deal out of their bodily functions. Her roommate had a habit of loudly burping and announcing it with words like “burp,” “belch,” or even “Ralph.” While she found it amusing, she recognized that not everyone would appreciate the show.

8. Arachnophobia Unites Us All

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Living with a man has taught this girl that the fear of spiders isn't just limited to women. Previously, she thought that only women were afraid of these creepy crawlies, but living with a man who shared her fear helped her realize that everyone can have irrational fears. It's comforting to know she's not alone in her arachnophobia.

9. The Seat and Lid Debate

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Living with a man can also reveal unexpected differences in habits and preferences, as one user found out when she discovered that some men prefer having the toilet seat and lid down. Before living with her partner, she was used to leaving the lid up, but now she makes sure to close it after use.

10. Cuddles in Context

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Cuddling can be a source of comfort and intimacy in a relationship, but according to one woman's experience, men may only sometimes be up for it. While most men enjoy cuddling, they may not want to when it's too hot or tired after a long day. Sometimes, they need to relax and cool down before getting close.

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