10 American Foods That Foreigners Tend to Dislike

When it comes to culinary experiences, every country boasts a unique and diverse range of dishes that may enthrall, surprise, or even challenge our taste buds. The United States, with its rich cultural tapestry and varied immigrant history, has undoubtedly carved out its own distinct gastronomic landscape. However, amidst the melting pot of flavors, there exist certain American foods that non-Americans often find perplexing, if not downright repulsive.

1. Redvines

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When curious Kiwi decided to sample Redvines for the first time, they expected to taste a concoction of “hopes and dreams, solidified into a long strip of candy.” Unfortunately, the experience turned out to be a letdown, and the taste was unpleasant, which they compared to “ass.”

2. Strawberries and Tomatoes

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A British ex-pat in the US expressed their disappointment in the flavor of American strawberries, comparing it to the taste of wet cardboard. Similarly, despite their visually appealing red color, the tomatoes didn't fare any better in their assessment. The logophile had expected better and was dissatisfied with the lack of taste.

3. Pizza

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During a conversation with their Russian girlfriend about American cuisine, one gastronome was surprised to learn that pizza was considered unnatural. The girlfriend even said that combining meat, cheese, and bread was not ideal and not the way to go.

4. Cinnabon

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When it comes to Anthony Bourdain's thoughts on American foods, a foodie recounted a particular episode where he was asked a similar question. The late chef admitted that many cultures would find Cinnabons disgusting. The commenter agreed, particularly with the white, glutinous paste used to spread over the cinnamon bun.

5. Orange Cheddar

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To a non-American Epicurean, the color of American cheddar cheese is nothing short of revolting. They've had numerous experiences of getting tricked by shredded cheddar in salads, mistaking it for carrot due to its orange hue. In their country, cheddar cheese is typically white or yellow, never orange, and the color seems unnecessary.

6. Sweet Bread

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Upon discovering that even white bread and wholemeal loaves in America were sweetened, a food critic expressed their surprise and disappointment at the prevalence of sweet bread in the country. The epicure pondered the reason for the abundance of unnecessary sugar in so many American foods.

7. American Iced Tea

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During a trip to the US, a British visitor couldn't help but criticize how Americans prepared tea, heating it up, adding ice to cool it down, and then adding sugar and lemon to make it sweet and sour. The visitor couldn't help but compare the unusual method to traditional British tea-making.

8. Cap'n Crunch

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Cap'n Crunch cereal's sweetness has been criticized by non-Americans, with an Australian resident describing it as the “sweetest stuff” they had ever tasted. They speculated that the titular Cap'n must have diabetes by now due to the cereal's high sugar content.

9. American Chinese Food

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Some gastronomes have criticized Chinese food in America for its unpleasant taste. One foodie recounted their experience of ordering takeout and finding it distasteful, emphasizing that they were not suggesting that British Chinese food is any more authentic.

10. White Castle

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A foodie expressed their disappointment in White Castle burgers, claiming they tasted like a low-quality patty that had only been half reheated. The commentator added that the food did not live up to the hype created by the movie “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

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