10 Hot-Button Issues People Avoid Talking About

Some views frequently go unheard because they are problematic in a world with so many different opinions and viewpoints. People recently revealed divisive views that they believe but rarely talk about publicly on an internet site.

These ideas go beyond conventional standards and spark debate on topics like support for nuclear power, internet usage, gender differences, poor eating patterns, and even gladiatorial arenas for death row convicts.

1. Support for Nuclear Power

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Asserting their unwavering support for nuclear power, one person emphasizes its crucial role in meeting future energy demands and reducing carbon footprints. They express frustration with the ongoing debates surrounding this topic and firmly believe that nuclear energy represents one of the few viable short-term solutions for global energy requirements.

2. Internet Browsing and Pay Compensation

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Another user highlights the prevalent issue of excessive internet browsing during work hours. They argue that individuals who effectively manage their time, take on additional tasks, and exhibit higher productivity should be duly rewarded with increased pay. This perspective challenges conventional notions of work hours and proposes a correlation between personal internet usage, productivity, and fair compensation.

3. Gender Differences in Driving Skills

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Expressing a controversial standpoint, one contributor asserts that women, on average, exhibit inferior driving skills compared to men. They support this claim with statistical evidence indicating that women are involved in more accidents. At the same time, men tend to cause more severe accidents. This perspective brings attention to the contentious topic of gender differences in driving abilities.

4. Unhealthy Eating Habits as Child Abuse

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Another user in the thread strongly believes that encouraging children to adopt unhealthy eating habits leading to obesity should be considered child abuse. They advocate for taking this issue seriously and implementing measures to address it, pointing out the potential long-term effects of such practices on a child's well-being.

5. Acknowledging Gender Advantages and Disadvantages

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While advocating for equal opportunity between men and women, another user contends that it is essential to acknowledge the inherent advantages and disadvantages associated with each gender. They express concern over the androgenization of society and raise questions about whether complete gender agnosticism truly benefits society.

6. Parenthood and Responsible Decision-Making

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One individual asserts that having children should not be considered an absolute right, particularly for individuals grappling with financial struggles or drug addiction. They emphasize the importance of making responsible decisions and advise against exposing children to unfavorable circumstances. This viewpoint delves into the sensitive topic of parenthood. It highlights the significance of considering one's situation before starting a family.

7. Political Discussions and Fruitful Discourse

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Philosophy students admit to their hesitance in political discussions due to the content and nature of such dialogues. They lament that conversations often devolve into persuasion rather than fruitful discourse, leading to the dismissal of their ideas as “stupid.” They place significant value on developing beliefs through extensive reading and research rather than relying solely on political rhetoric.

8. Gladiatorial Contests as an Alternative to Execution

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Presenting a bold suggestion, one commenter proposes that individuals facing execution should have the opportunity to participate in gladiatorial contests. They argue that some form of freedom should be granted instead of being put to death if they succeed in enough games. This viewpoint challenges the conventional approach to the death penalty, intertwining punishment with entertainment.

9. Shared Responsibility in the Financial Crisis

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A contributor makes a case suggesting that individuals who took out mortgages they couldn't afford to bear some responsibility for the financial crisis alongside the banks. They argue for holding financial institutions accountable while acknowledging individual culpability. Against the backdrop of the financial crisis, this perspective examines how lenders and borrowers share the blame to some extent.

10. Population Control and Environmental Concerns

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Finally, a participant expresses a contentious viewpoint in support of population control measures, such as restrictions on the number of children allowed and the implementation of a parental application process. They argue that managing population growth is vital in addressing environmental issues and limited resources. This perspective raises moral and pragmatic questions surrounding family planning laws and the right to abortion.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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