“Over $1000 For The iPhone Is Too Expensive” 10 Reasons To Never Use An iPhone Ever Again

There are several reasons you may consider never using an iPhone and using Android forever. Here are the reasons.

1. Unbreakable Bond: Android Enthusiasts Stick With Familiarity

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For Android enthusiasts, switching to an Apple device is simply out of the question. They have grown so accustomed to the comfortable setup, options, and layout of an Android phone that they see no need to switch to a different operating system.

2. Game On! Android: The Ultimate Gaming Powerhouses

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A tech enthusiast will never turn to Apple for their gaming needs. The sheer range of gaming emulators available on Android phones and tablets – from classic consoles like NES to modern ones like PS2 and Gamecube – make them feel like they have a portable gaming console in their pocket. And with desktop mode or HDMI out support, they can even play on a larger screen like a TV or monitor.

3. Apple Horror Story: People Swear off the Brand

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A Redditor recounted a harrowing experience with an Apple device that made them swear off the brand forever. When their iMac decided to use their iPod as the primary music library and deleted their entire music collection without warning, they never vowed to connect their phone and desktop again. That's why they remain loyal to Android.

4. Play Store vs. App Store: Battle of Affordability

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The Play Store's affordability is a big draw for avid Android users. While the App Store and Play Store offer a wide variety of apps, the Play Store generally offers more free options and lets users pay with carrier billing or gift cards. The Play Store is a more convenient option for those on a budget.

5. Repair-Friendly and Budget-Smart: Android Devices

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For many users, Android phones are the clear winner for repair facilities. They find it easier to locate a local repair shop or service center to fix an Android phone if it gets damaged or needs a replacement part. In contrast, Apple devices can be expensive to repair or replace and may require specialized tools or expertise, making Android devices more convenient and affordable.

6. Manga Lovers Unite: Android Reigns Supreme for Reading

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An avid manga reader asserts that reading manga on Android devices is simply more convenient than on an iPhone, making it a key factor in their decision never to switch to Apple. The manga enthusiast claims that there is no adequate alternative to iPhone when it comes to manga reading. On Android, they can easily find and read their favorite manga without any hassle. The reader feels that the experience is not as seamless on an iPhone, and this personal preference is a major consideration for them.

7. Expandable Storage: Android's Gem, iPhone's Achilles Heel

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Expandable storage is a critical feature for one tech-savvy gadget lover, and it's a key reason why they would never switch to an iPhone. They argue that Android phones can add an SD card, which is a cost-effective and simple way to increase storage capacity. In contrast, iPhones don't offer this option, and enthusiasts must either pay a premium for more internal storage or constantly delete files to free up space. For this device aficionado, the convenience and affordability of expandable storage is a dealbreaker.

8. File Management Woes: Android vs. Apple Users

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For one tech enthusiast, the absence of proper file management is a significant flaw in Apple devices that they simply cannot overlook. With Android, they can easily manage their files using a file explorer app, which allows them to access and organize all their files in one place. They believe this is a basic feature that Apple should have already incorporated, but since it hasn't been implemented yet, they have no plans to switch to an iPhone.

9. Freedom to Choose: Android's Openness and Flexibility

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One tech-savvy explorer values competition and flexibility when it comes to selecting their mobile device. With Android, they can easily switch to a different manufacturer's product if they encounter a better option in the future. They appreciate the ability to explore different brands and innovations without being locked into one specific device or ecosystem, which is a crucial consideration for them.

10. Power Paradise: Android's Battery Life and Charging Speed

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Exceptional battery life and lightning-fast charging are essential features for one power user, and they believe that Android devices offer the best options in these areas. According to this energy-conscious enthusiast, their Android phone can last more than a day on a single charge, while an iPhone would require multiple charges throughout the day. They also appreciate the lightning-fast charging feature of their Android phone, which enables them to recharge their device from 0 to 100% in a matter of minutes, and this is why they will never switch to an iPhone.

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