People Enjoy These Weird, Annoying Things For Some Reason

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Whether it be repeatedly watching the same show, a bad habit, or jokes that only you think are funny. Here's a list of 10 things people find funny or enjoy that they shouldn't.

1. Loud Does Not Equal Funny

Videos of people being obnoxiously loud in a pathetic attempt at being funny. One user said, “My kids. Every video they watch is some guy screaming into their microphones in an attempt to be funny. Not once have I heard my kids laugh at it, but I guess it's still entertaining to them for some damn reason.”

2. Pranking Strangers

Pranks can be fun when everyone involved is laughing. But what about pranking strangers? Some users think that goes too far and don't understand why anyone would like them.

This user said, “I don't understand the mindset of enjoying a situation that just left the victims stressed out and upset. It just worsens the world, and more often than not, the guys making these videos seem like bullies to me.”

3. Children's Beauty Pageants

With television shows now dedicated to children's beauty pageants, we get a look inside at what it's actually like. Of course, “reality” TV is not reality, but one would wonder if some of what you see is actually true.

One user commented, “It's clearly all about and all for the parents. It's sick and should be banned. Of course, a young child is beautiful. Kids are flawless. They shouldn't be dancing around in revealing clothing with their hair all done up and pounds of makeup caked on their faces.”


ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response, which describes a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli. It has become quite popular recently, with many TikTok users going live to show their versions.

One user reported, “I don't understand it. I will scroll through TikTok, and some girl will click her tongue and run her nails across her microphone. Does nothing for me.”

5. Lip Syncing on TikTok

One user replied, “TikTok makes creating competent video content ridiculously easy, to the point that you don't even have the burden of developing the concept anymore. Instead, you latch on to a current lip sync, dance, or meme trend and create your version. But, you still get the fulfillment of being a little creative and sharing your vision with people.”

But some users find it more disturbing than anything else. They aren't actually singing. Where is the talent in that? As well as, most of the time, the person “singing” isn't even in tune with the right rhythm and ends up laughing it off. 

6. Exercise

Some people enjoy exercising, going to the gym several days out of the week, or running earlier in the morning. Other people don't enjoy exercising, to the degree that they either avoid it entirely or only do it for their health.

One user commented, “I'll do it for my health, but I never understood why people enjoy it or the “runner's high” phenomenon. It's a pain, and it's never been fun.”

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7. Online or Game Trolling

Online trolling is a pointless activity. Users do it to solely get a rise out of someone, usually a stranger. Others who don't actively troll like to read up on the “drama” created by the trolling. One user said, “it's just a waste of time to even reply to them.”

Another user added, “Yeah, most of the time, “trolling” is just being rude for the sake of being rude. Or having controversial or messed up opinions to start an argument, and when an argument starts, it's more a yelling match than anything else.”

8. TikTok

TikTok is a time-wasting app where you can find educational, funny, or entertaining videos. You can also make your own funny content to post for others to view. The controversy over whether it hurts and helps society is still debatable.

One user answered, “If you like certain videos over time, the algorithm will curate your feed to be more specific. So, for example, it'll be more educational videos, car videos, fashion videos, whatever. People act like it's the downfall of humanity, but it's not. I think it does kill attention spans, though.”

9. Gambling

Gambling is designed so that the majority of people will lose money, but there is a chance you could win big. Maybe that's why it appeals to so many people. Some gambling can require a bit of skill, poker, stocks, etc., but mostly it's a game of luck.

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One user shared, “Slot machines though, yeah, that one makes no sense. Over time, you are bound to drain your finances as it's mathematically and psychologically designed that way. People who do so allow me to cash in on unprofitable casino promotions and walk straight out with a few bucks and a free steak dinner.”

10. Gossip

Gossip can be entertaining to some, so long as they are not on the other side of the gossip. However, as a lot of the time, gossip is just a rumor with no stated fact behind it, it can actually be quite hurtful for those involved in the talk.

One user said, “I'm with you here. For example, gossip at work can potentially ruin people's lives. It's terrible, and I've seen it happen more than once. It's literal psychological violence.”

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