10 Stories of Endeavors That Went Nowhere

Most of us often plan grinds in our heads with all perfections and details, but somehow, it doesn't turn out how we have designed when we perform them physically. This situation often leaves us disappointed or laughing, depending on the task. Here are some compelling stories about cases where people gave their best, but it led them nowhere.

1. Ten Years of Digital Data Gone

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Documenting your life is all fun and games until you realize that the data you have reserved has gone down the drain. A similar situation occurred with one of the users, who described that he made a drive with a decade of his digital life and worked hard on it to get the data all together, but the storage drive didn't work in the end.

2. College Degree and Career

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Selecting a degree and picking a career are different specialties. Multitudes mix them up and regret. It is better to specify the degree that aligns with your career schemes instead of following the trend. One user on an online source elaborated that they acknowledged they had chosen the wrong major on the first day of their teaching career. 

3. Piano Practice Ended in Disease

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An individual conveyed that their passion turned into a disease. There should be a line between fascination and obsession. The individual exemplified that they practiced piano for hours for fifteen-plus years and went to college to learn and perform in many countries. Still, the passion and person both suffered because all of this challenging work was directed to arthritis.

4. Website Missing From a Hosting Website

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Posting your valuable work on free domain hosting websites can occasionally be risky. An incident with a user explains it all. The person developed an extensive website about information related to cats. It contained all the information about their breeds, history, genetics, care, and everything. Unfortunately, the file went missing from the computer and the hosting website, and in the end, all the data was forfeited.

5. Opera Career and Voice Loss

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The love of music, when turned to passion, can lead to many paths. For our user, it led to losing his voice in exchange for multiple years in opera singing. The individual was fond of music from childhood and pursued it till their Ph.D.; however, they paused the degree due to their opera singing career, which caused multiple surgeries in the neck region because doctors could not diagnose the problem.

6. The Construction Dream Went Downhill

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Building a house with your hands and all your knowledge is the finest pursuit someone could have, but only some strategies come into existence. The identical thing happened with our user. He has been interested in construction work since he was fourteen. The main goal was to achieve sufficient knowledge to build a home with their own hands, but the plan remained unachieved when the guy got herniation in his vertebral disk.

7. Cure of Autoimmune Disease Sitting in the Freezer

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Working for humanity invariably feels promising once your project is handled correctly and elaborated by a person on an online source. They further explained their case that they developed a drug for an autoimmune disorder, which was sent for trials. However, the company they worked for was sold to another company, which mishandled it and ended the project.

8. Decades of Farming Knowledge Have Gone Wasted

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It's hurtful when you give the best for something and spend a decade, but your expectations come crashing back when you realize that your knowledge has no value in people's eyes. One of the users communicated their conclusions that they gave ten years to farming and attained adequate proficiency in how it's done in different parts of the world. Yet, people in this field are not paid adequately even after considerable effort.

9. COVID Took Divers's Ability

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Being a diver exploring the ocean's underworld is a fascinating hobby. COVID-19, on the other side, took many people's lives and damaged the respiratory system of Some people. An individual commented that they are outstanding divers and spent thousands of hours on training and trips over the year, but COVID-19 gave them pulmonary emboli and severe fibrosis, which took their ability to dive. 

10. Hand Built Home Burned to Ashes

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A hand built house is just like a child. Our users shared that they did their best to remodel their homes, from framing electrical work to plumbing, kitchen, etc. It took over half a year to do it alone, but nature had other plans. The neighborhood caught fire, which destroyed the house, and all the hard work went down the drain.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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