The Top 10 Overrated Jobs That Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Have you ever felt the parental nudge towards a traditional job or inheriting the family business? They may seem a bit cliché, but let's not underestimate their potential to bring in the big bucks. We have covered the top successful careers that can make you richer. Let's discover them. 

Member of the International Olympic Committee

Olympic Rings
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International Olympic Committee (IOC) members have everything from amassing significant wealth to traversing the globe. One user pointed to a survey revealing that an IOC president pulls in a staggering $251,000 annually, excluding living and travel expenses. The perks and responsibilities of IOC members continue to capture attention and raise eyebrows.

IT Heads and Directors

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Tinkering with computers isn't just a source of entertainment; it's also a pathway to unlocking wealth-making opportunities. An employee shares that his IT director is never around and does automated jobs but still has more budget than anyone else. Most IT directors need to learn about technical issues; they hire an expert and get the job done.

Upper Admin Management in the University

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Agreeing with this comment, many people shared that upper management gets a hefty amount. A junior admin mentions that they do everything, and upper management needs to be on board. Even during COVID, they were the only ones in their university who got a raise. He also mentions that there is no need to hire too many admins. 


Babysitter reading to two kids.
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It's responsible but yet a money-making job! A babysitter shared her experience, stating that she babysat three kids for 2 hours. All she did was watch TV and eat the food. The parents came home and paid her $100. A mother replied to her comment, saying she also pays more to babysitters as the job is a bit concerning. 

Commercial Airline Pilots

Ready to flight. Rear view of confident male pilot showing his thumb up and smiling while sitting in cockpit
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One guy shares his uncle's gig as a commercial airline pilot, calling it a cushy deal in regular circumstances. However, he shared that these high-flying professionals often find themselves on the short end of the pay scale when it comes to emergencies. The highs might be sky-high, but the lows come with a financial descent.

Firefighters and Paramedics

Team of EMS Paramedics React Quick to Provide Medical Help to Injured Patient and Get Him in Ambulance on a Stretcher.
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Firefighters and paramedics are also paid a huge amount, as stated by a firefighter. Another girl whose father is in a special mountain rescue paramedic unit shares that the job can vary from picking up an older man to risking decapitation from a stretcher from a helicopter. She also mentions that her father is paid good money. 

Overnight Shelter Staffs

Man Napping on Couch
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Most college students work as overnight shelter staff. A boy shares that he only has to make a pot of coffee, and for the rest of the night, he just sleeps or watches TV. But he is paid 25% more than other night-shift jobs that his friends are doing. He also mentions that there are usually two persons at the same time, so it is easily managed. 

Life Coach

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Life Coaching is an easy-to-go gig. A man shares that a friend of his charges $300-500 per person for a 4-hour time. The girl mentions that she has repeated customers and mostly are chill. She shared that recently, she earned $2400 in just a weekend, and all the people have to do is Yoga. 


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Do you know that Western CEOs make twice as much salary as all other employees? A guy shares that this thing makes him angry. He states that they get a big salary, bonuses, and millions of stock options. He shares that the salary may be okay, but the extra benefits they get are a cherry on top. 


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Social media influencers are earning the most as compared to all of the above jobs. A person shares that it is a fun job, plus your whole life is sponsored. You do not have to worry about your vacations, traveling, and even your children. Many baby influencers earn more than adults, which is why you can opt for this job.

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